Fifteen minutes past three in the morning, and I am trynna hold a shadow in my hands. Some parts of me are numb. Dead, for the better. Feeling like a machine. Want to feel like one. I want to forget me, right now. From now, forever.

I want to die. And be born again


manas said...

the moment we realize ourselves caught in the vicious circle of life..we can liberate ourselves n become free..we can die n be reborn the way we want to..
what a beautiful thing our imagination is..
n yet the reality remains unchanged..

d gypsy! said...

wanna say -me too-again

esp at the machines part... they are at times better off than us...

wildflower said...

@ manas
all i want 2 be is always in full control..i wonder if thts gud or bad..

@ gypsy
oh must be such a relief that i hv become like nothing..this must b d way to peace