i miss you a lot. do you miss me. do you remember me at all. do you
think of me sometimes. do you spare me a moment. i have my days
lined up for you. there is this picture of ours right afore my eyes. i
look at it, both of us happy and smiling sweetly. there is this glow in
my eyes, the blush on my cheeks which is otherwise unseen. there is
this innocence on your face which i dare not think to be fake. the
glint in your eyes, your smile, you, hold the strings of my life

days have gone by and we have parted, we haven't heard of each
other ever since. seems we have been living lives of our own. we
have been occupied. really occupied. but after the day got over, i sat
down to take a deep breath, your thoughts crossed my mind. it's like
you are the thing i thought of involuntarily after a real long time. i
had forgotten to feel. i had forgotten to feel what it is like to
feel. but then you reminded me of it all and took me back in time all over

back to times of being together.it's true we didn't have the patience
and the humility to make reality what still continues to live as a
dream in a corner of our hearts. we couldn't say. we couldn't look
into each other. we couldn't look into ourselves. and merciless that
time is, it went by.

our lives brought us to new junctures, left us alone. but then i don't
live with regrets. this moment, thinking of you, i swear i feel
Unhinged. i have accepted you, i have accepted our missed stint, our
bygone moments as a part of me that will live on, passively and will
come back to life on nights as solitary and as cold as tonite.
and i have learnt that some things are not meant to BE...


Amit said...

excellent expressions, i hope he reads them, he won't stay away for too long!

Take care,

gypsy said...

somethings are not...

i would spare the pain of spelling those words...

you as usual hit me with the storm of your words and I feel...ah shouldnt I be the one writing that...


anand said...

beautiful and painful...

manas said...

most beautifully portrayed..

wildflower said...

@ Amit
he won't come back & frankly that doesn'matter ..tnx.. :)

@ gypsy
i hope you only get happier gypsy..
but when this sorrow comes back to me when i sit alone all night,feels like a sweet pain i am totally addicted 2

@ anand
yeah, they go together..

@ manas


Anonymous said...
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