wildflower is tired of living like a part of the walls. she's sick.

Sometimes, the life she has lived looks inconequential. and that is the point when it begins to hurt.


Hopeless Romantic said...

life is not always thinking to have consequences, sometimes however inconsequential it seems at a point of time, it always brings back expressions of love and joy back you in life. Those expressions may come from a stranger or may be a closed one, but the pertinent point is it do come along and break your so called 'walls' which are making you claustrophobic. Breaking walls takes time and more than that, it takes courage, it takes guts but when u do that, you would realize that it is the most probably the best thing in your life :)

All the best!

Subhalakshmi said...

I agree with Amit & hence wont repeat.. also however low n sick u feel now know that it is just a passing moment..


d gypsy! said...



ani said...

but it ain't urs to search a purpose why.. it's urs to smile and say..'ok! bring it on!'

wildflower said...

@ Amit
all that u wrote is xactly what i can't be..

@ Subhalakhsmi
hmm...i hv seen times gud & bad. but as time passes by i realise that certain shadows never leave me and stay in the back of my mind

@ gypsy
ah..all the care i have take of myself.. :D

@ ani
yeah..for a change.. let's b a sport :) i know