I dreamt I got those khaki dungaree skirts. I mean I haven't ever seen them in real life. But as a kid, I loved dungaree shorts, and recently I saw someone in a pretty khaki skirt. So may be they are all mixed up inside my head and I dreamt of what I dreamt of. I took the thing off a mannequin, I have gotta thing for mannequins I guess. I am a trifle envious of them. They're all so perfect, sans love handles and faceless. And faceless, that's the best part. So the mannequin wore a wheatish top along with that skirt. I can't recall why I dint get that top too along with the skirt. Must have been outta my budget. Lo, I am scared of being penniless even in my dreams. Or worse, I can't recall what could have happened inside the trial room. That top must have been tough to get into and tougher to get out of. My dream ended when I was trying my red T on that skirt, I wasn't looking as good as the mannequin. I never do.

Also, I saw this movie in which a dying mother tells her son that they would meet in their dreams even long after she's gone. And that kid believes it too. That moment I felt some kind of a pity and wondered if I we actually dream of things we want to happen in real life. The following night I dreamt of meeting him. I seriously did. He was sleeping on my bed. Imagine, my bed! Somebody got him home. I can't recall who could that be. Must have been the ghost of cupid. And I just woke him up, in my dream and talked. And we talked the whole matter away. Our egos looked very small wrt how happy I was. It looked so easy in the dream, everything fell into place. And then I woke up, devastated. Very very sad to touch reality again. And my ego started looming, larger than life like usual.

Life, meanwhile has moved on. I realized I hadn't written from quite sometime. And as you know I am pretty compulsive when it comes to writing. I have to jerk it off my head, else it wouldn't let me sleep at night. There were quite a few things I wished to mention, but then they don't make good material anymore, or my mind has just track of things.. it's pretty good at that, as you know.. haha


$uch! said...

ghost of cupid :P:P

Richa said...

This is so different from your usual writing style. There's this randomness to this and it's wonderful all the same! :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Really looks like a quick update, as impulsive as you are. Dreams, I think they have some, if not absolute relation with our desires.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Lehari. said...

"Sad to touch reality again"..

Such 'not so special' stuff in your dream..and still better that your reality ..??

wildflower said...

Yeah, cupids are extinct for all you & I know $uch!

Richa.. someone told me once that mine is a no nonsense blog, to remind him of how wrong he was I write one such once in a while :D

As impulsive as I am! When did you know me that well Blasphemous Aesthete! :)

Devastated Lehari, devastated to touch reality again!