Between Us

Intimacy cannot fade. It is merely coated on top by other emotions, for other people. The naked warmth, the sighs and whispers shared, the confessions and intimacies traded, do not fade. Illusions, as if seen by only one pair of eyes, stay, unforgotten. Intimacy cannot fade, no, time isn't that powerful. Once you scrape off those settled layers of dust, you can see it preserved, far from fossilized. 

Because, when minds have conversed, mouths needn't reassure. What has been said, is never taken back. And whenever you turn your head to see what you have left behind, you find some memories, unmoved, as you created them. Even after a million waves have crashed on the beach where you felt it for the first time; even after the creases on the bed on which you slept for the first time have gone amiss, and it has been unmade and remade as days whiled away, one glance is sometimes 'nough to take you back.

Or a date. When you look at your cellphone and realize that it's the anniversary you once celebrated. But now it's another useless, unaccountable day. You skip a breath, palms go sweaty like you were nervous, about to make a speech to yourself. You fling the cellphone back, and stare at the wall opposite, re-living, trying not to, yet re-living.

'Her earrings were made out of metal twisted into circles, tiny stones hung from which, delicately, relfecting the setting sun's rays. He felt dazed by that shine, and by her faint golden summer skin. He held back her hands as she tried to tie her hair wildly yielding to the wind, and it fell like waves on both sides of her face. To that, he smiled. And asked, 'Do you remember, what day it is?''


Soumya said...

Apart from the last stanza which gave me goose bumps, I can relate to every other word out here.

Raj said...

perfect. :)

damn i am sleepy now! i meant it as a complement. the post is kind of reassuring, soothing in an uncanny way but soothing all the same.

Surya Prakash V said...

Nice; but wishful thinking, maybe. Where does the need to humiliate the "other" begin?

It's not that opposites attract; it's that people want heads of the "likes" stuck and sucking their butts;

Surya Prakash V said...

Yes, there is nothing called unloving once loved. The love may vanish, but I cant experience it's opposite. No opposites don't attract; one just needs to resolve the memory and it's conflict to be a whole.

Enchanta said...

If I were literature, personified as a male, I would have asked your literature to marry me.

Does that say enough?

$uch! said...

I know :)

WomanInLove said...

But intimacy does fade when shared with someone you never felt anything for, in the heart..but then maybe it wasnt actual intimacy..just an attempt to fake it

wildflower said...

There is as much pain outside me as is inside me. I wonder why I am so oblivious to the former. It's just not as obvious..

Chalo, it arouses some emotion atleast. Be it sleep :)

The process of unloving, ah! Does it exist.

Raj said...

dont underestimate urself! it arouses loads of emotions! apart from sleep! :)

wildflower said...

I can fathom the depth. Only someone who is truly involved could say so..

You know. And that makes you my biggest reassurance for life.

Intimacy tempts. We try to fake it, I know what you are talking about. But sometimes, the memories of those fake encounters are all we have..

:) Hmm.. I wish I could create happy emotions as often as I create sad ones..

Raj said...

if our wishes could make a difference no one would die poor. :)

and you did create a happy one. slightly happy. thats a start. keep working your way up.

Raj said...

another thing, to arouse happiness you have either be either happy yourself or a masked man. i dunno how wrong i am but u dont exactly seem very happy. or maybe you are and writing is your vent where you let it all out.

wildflower said...

I am not happy. Can never be. Sometimes I don't want to be. Hence the writing..!

Raj said...

I am not happy. Can never be. Sometimes I don't want to be. Hence the writing..!

you definitely have a mask. lets do gtalk.

Mansi said...

True. Intimacy can never fade, so do memories. People say things change with time..and memories fade too...I could never actually agree with the statement. How can something which remains with you all the time fades?

I felt like you wrote third para for me...yes, this is a part of me!

The Sage said...

i wish i was like you, easily amused..

Surya Prakash V said...

The body cannot sustain intense love for more than sometime wi. It needs to rest. But the mind does not allow this rest in unrequited love. It hits layer after layer of intensity that buries and numbs everything that isnt the lover.

One refuses all offers of joy.

Requited love offers rest. But people inherently destroy love by mistaking this rest as non-love.

One is always childlike and innocent in the eyes of the other. For once, killing ignorance "might" not end in the death of innocence. And one allows oneself to experience the truth that is burying the lie one tells oneself - "between us".

Surya Prakash V said...

One can allow oneself some rest you know.

The post is beautiful.

Surya Prakash V said...

Rest is a weapon; not for the spineless peace lovers; invest in it wisely; the body knows it's limit; the mind is limitless.

Surya Prakash V said...

Hence joy is limitless; suffering is limitless; love as a mental expression is limitless; as a physical expression limited ; there is no confusion of choice here; only clarity of action.

Who will know this better than a woman? Men have introduced the wrong words into the young minds. Remove the distinction and there is an un-competitive individual expressing.

Shit! I need to get back to my blog; my bad :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Such are the memories etched in mind...intimacy? Yes, it does send flutters through the pit, but I think they can be overlooked if we want them to.

But that last para was, different. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Raajii said...

Damn! how do you write so well? :-)

wildflower said...

There can't be a mask, hence the writing.

That third paragraph, has happened to each of us sometime or the other, hasn't it.

Need some heightened intellectual expertise to disentangle what you say.

Overlooked, yeah, engaged in trying to do that like 24*7!

Someone like you, would know what it takes, the cost of it all..

Raj said...

accepted. a writer is someone who hides a truth beneath a lie.

Surya Prakash V said...

Like your comments section now; this is how it should be, abundant sunlight into the darkest alley; hidden shadows in the arms of inescapable romanticism :)

Surya Prakash V said...

The moving finger writes and moves on; you know because you cannot own anything finished in expression; yet others call it yours :)

Surya Prakash V said...

I am catching a nascent infatuation; I can never fake my signature; my expression; I am alone in it; an individual; like you :)

hopelessly flawed said...

You accept the sadness.You deal with the depression.

I almost wish i hadn't read this.
I read this and now everything sad is relevant again.
There is drugs, alcohol, mindless lust...and then there are words.
It feels like I've taken a shot of the strongest stuff right now and it doesn't feel good.

It is going to take some time to get the last paragraph out of my blood.

ah is beautiful writing as always.