this house is the dumbest of them all. corners jammed with forgotten furniture. beds slept in. rooms lived in. scratched crockery stocked in the kitchen. a mirror which makes fatter of the fat, uglier of the necessarily not pretty. this house, a lot lived in. windows with cracked panes, windows to look out at nothing from.nothing much, striking or noticeable. just mundane absurdity. that nobody peeks out to notice. thesedays unlike earlier. closets full of old torn smelly dresses of children who left, undonated abandoned. sighs of what is now unrequited love. shrunken pillows, ancient sheets. and a windchime that doesn't ring anymore. but sometimes on stormy afternoons when the wind's angry and rain pours. followed by a lull of an evening. of dark ruminations. perfectly stochastic. by fast dying candles, and molten wax. calenders on damp swollen walls. of years ago. now tilting, falling off. pictures of gods, adorned with shrunken flowers. yellowed pages of dozens of books, on rusty racks, tilting unbalanced, falling off.

and moist pots of soil, with weeds in the balcony, watered in the afternoon by those who hadn't had much to do all day. giving flowers, wild ones, in purples and violets. and leaves, ones that were pressed between the pages of the fat old yellowed books on rusty racks, now tilting unbalanced. with unposted love letters of mad scribblings used as perfect bookmarks. and so on and so forth. this house, dumbest of them all, ironically never pauses from being heard. understood.


Raj said...

check my blog. let my latest post be the comment to this.

Shilpa Nair said...

It is surprising. People keep leaving comments like 'This is depressing', or 'Let it go'....I refuse to believe that all this beauty that u weave with words reflect ur life. I simply refuse. U r one of those few writers, I keep wanting more of, without the need to applaud u every time I read ur stuff. Take a bow, Wildflower. Take a bow from me.

Surya Prakash V said...

SN, you are right; that is implicit. I second the beauty. But I also always experience a lack of something vital. Do you know what it is?

WF - I stay outdoors mostly; freefall is an amazing experience. Try it sometime.

Good from far bu far from good; this home of yours. I can sometimes tell :)