Wy I shd carry headphns on d waybak!!

At the end of a long tiring day, which has nearly vanished from before your eyes, when retrospection visits you, you try to ward it off, call it a day, and use hard, the drug of sleep. Don't you?

I do.

Never pause or think. It saves a lot more trouble. Go on. If you can, simply afford to. I do.

The only fifteen minutes I steal for myself is when I get back home every night after work. Those uncomfortable fifteen minutes in public transport. When my past coagulates. Before my eyes. Future seems pretty blank. Pretty much.

Dude. What all had I dreamt of. Slogging, yet never giving upon the dreaming part. And now, future disrobes herself as a shy bride, slowly, but you are assured you are going to get there. Only that the consequences are going to be the ones you warned yourself against. That makes life very shitty. And honestly, that's all the truth that's there in it.

Every other passerby on the road, reminds you of your failures, every single click on facebook makes clear another hurting regret, some random name in your phonebook, kicks you in the heart. Haha!

Shit happens. Always!  


MothSmokeLover said...

My bus ride is much longer than 15 minutes so yes there are times when I'm unable to fight certain thoughts off. They prick me like thorns twice atleast everyday. The past chapter is closed. And the uncertainty of future seems as if one has been walking on thin ice. The worst kind of adrenaline rush I tell ya.

You truly spoke my mind. Thank you for that. And I simply hated the reality in this post because thats how life's been unfolding. But realities are often ugly. So meh.

Surya Prakash V said...

And, what clicked, said - "I do" :)

A said...

carry your headphones...and don't forget to charge whatever you listening your music on.

The bus used to be a harrowing experience of introspection leading to almost nauseating emotional turmoil.Not to mention the embarrassment of tearing up in front of strangers sometimes.

so play it out loud...anything...even pet shows on the radio will do..muff it out..coz frankly that critical voice at the end of the day is the last thing you need or deserve.