Bundles of piles of spring onions, by the road. Smoke from burnt charcoal and the mild advent of winter. Scores of bystanders, lines of lights in faint twilight. Brisk steps, tapping of heels on the pavement, the urgency to be somewhere. Somewhere else. A frigid immovability of desire. The line between what should have been and what is, the line connecting all dots of regrets, gets thicker as the rest of everything blurs away into oblivion. Dizzy headlights, shining on tired eyes. But what can we do.

We are born believers, in destiny and other calculated coincidences. Until now, when life wears us out. Until certain sad accidents make us believe that there are no distinct lines cut out on our palms. And that life is a random chain of the unwanted and the inconsequential. Nothing can ever be destined, because we are headed in absolutely unrelated directions. We have nowhere to go.

This is one great turning point realizations that time punishes us with. Post this, we do never again take that leap of faith. And we move on from being believers to non-believers, from theists to atheists to blasphemous rebels.

In the moment the said change happened for me, I met life. I didn't have to go scuba diving or bungee jumping for that but walk by a pile of spring onions.


Surya Prakash V said...

I am not a fan of existential descriptions; the gloss over the point, the idea to give an impression that somehow the setting was important;

Perhaps they have their utility in conveying a connection, a sense if being there by bringing the reader to re-imagine and re-enact the scene; but usually we imagine alien lands; I simply can't accept your life to be a product of my imagination.

But yes, the utter helplessness hits you; and then life adapts. One only has to remember that inaction is not an option; even if you are trapped between two thoughts in the mind. Life is physical too; life IS physical!

Surya Prakash V said...

There is mind and the illusion of randomness; and the illusion of order; one has NO choice but to CHOOSE.

Chance be damned!

Syed Ali Hamid said...

@wildflower, well said.

@SPV, there is also the illusion of reality; and there is also the illusion of choice.

WomanInLove said...

No I dont do that.

I have my leap of faith every day in most inconsequential things.

Instead, and inspite of everything wrong that has happened..or maybe because of that

Surya Prakash V said...

Hamid, if you want to call all knowledge illusion; so be it; but then one cannot claim anything but illusions; we discard one to make another;

This is all we are and this is all we make.

But this never limited my capacity to reality. That demands an understanding of my song and why I sing it; and why my love is entwined in my arms.


Surya Prakash V said...

In every human being, there is a potential reward. Knowledge to be gained. Jokes to be shared. Lessons to be taught. Every person you meet is a potential source of joy :)

I quote this as a testimony to reality too!

What hits you, and hits you hard - simply knocks off the baggage ; the inessentials!

Surya Prakash V said...

If there is faith; there is no leap; a leap demands violation of boundaries; faith is the boundary; the picket fence.

What leaps is the owned entity; a sharp contrast to everything that is not. A perfection expressed in perfection.

One simply asks, what do I want; to express perfection in an imperfect world; or reimagine the world; for a perfect creation deserves a perfect world!