CCD just became a self service place, you know?
Isn't that okay?
Of course not. People go there not to stand in a queue and place your order.
That should be fine, you can have the chat after you get your coffee to the table?
You don't have to get the stuff to your table, thank god. They still do that.
So is standing at the counter for two minutes so much less fun?
You won't get it. You're not the guy I should be talking to. 
Should we get you one? Your kinda guy?
You've no idea. I know everyone and everyone knows me in there. I can throw unique tantrums.
What tantrums? I return my cappuccino twice everyday, to make it stronger, or some other excuse. Keep asking for honey and milk, and brown sugar and sugar free and etc!
And what else?
You're laughing at me. Don't!
I am n't laughing. Who says I am laughing?
You're not the right guy, you make me talk so much. 
Isn't that a good thing? 
But you end every sentence with a question.
Do I? 


Richa said...

This was bitter-sweet to read. I like this kinda guy. ;)

Tan said...

Love this guy!! so when are u introducing me to him ?? ;)