Dear Eve-teaser

Dear Eve-teaser,

I understand breasts are beautiful things. I also agree that they call out to you. Or so you imagine. But what sexual gratification do you derive from brushing your hand across some random woman's, in the evening traffic rush or in a railway station bustle? Is that public property? How can you? And dare you?

Besides the fact that the random woman has already had the worst day, and is trying to get past all that, get home and get ready for a harder day tomorrow, you decide that it wasn't enough. And do what you do.

The next time around, she will find you and skin you. Blind you with pepper-spray. Scream into your eardrums, the most unspeakable of adjectives about your mother and your sister. Mark her words.

You moronic fucktard. Mark her words.

Random Woman


Syed Ali Hamid said...

More than words, a quiet, discreet, knee-kick in the balls would be a better deterrent, hopefully.

Amrita Sabat said...

Gud one...hope the fucktard is lynched & kicked as described by Syed soon by Random Woman...high five!

Syed Ali Hamid said...

It would also result in disruption of his electric supply, at least for some time.

................your's entirely said...
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................your's entirely said...

Respected Random Woman,

Have been building huge pythonic arms at the gym lately, which are now eager to grab Fucktard by the throat and squeeze the living daylights out of his soul. (which he rightfully deserves)

Let me know in case you need assistance

Best regards
25 inch Biceps !