We are mundane. Infact, very very. Our mouths smell of the gums we chewed last, no respite from that. Our nails are undone, broken edges, scraped paint. Hair is an obnoxious bunch of callous curls. Fashion, we don't know thee. No offence, we are just too busy. Busy losing our minds and how?

We are busy losing our minds, by falling for the undeserving. We are losing our minds, choosing birthday gifts for besties and swallowing the courier charges. We are busy making note, keeping track. Of people, things etcetera. Of checking our phones oftener than we should, trying to respond to the faintest of beeps, and sometimes even imagining them. We are actually pretty occupied going all cheek bones about unreal TV characters, and watching our favorite movies again and again until we remember every single word uttered. We are content in hugging a book to sleep every night, and revelling in our incapacity to wind up the last couple of pages. We are busy feeling the smooth finish of celebrity magazines, on lush waiting room couches. And in sitting there and trying to gauge, why we are however we are.

Off late, StumbleUpon seems to have discovered my secret love for dressing up and keeps making me visit pages full of shoes, skirts, and whatnot. Good to look at, but we are not made for that. I mean, really no! We are happy with kohl that lasts years because we just don't stay focused enough to wear it everyday, or a lipbalm that always feels too deep a shade. You know the story, lets skip it, shall we.

So there we go, no time for fashion. No time to be a doll. We are just so earthy, so real. More real than real. And reality doesn't get any better than mundane. Or does it?


WomanInLove said... much me..!I try being a doll some days..and then break into my earthy self..with ease and elan

Soumya said...

Earthy, rustic and raw. That's how we're meant to be :)

Syed Ali Hamid said...

Dolls and dandies are for play; there are better ways to break the monotony.

Reality is not always mundane; it never ceases to surprise you.

Surya Prakash V said...

Always in love with the your self and it's plays. We know the actors behind the paint, the person behind the actor, the child behind the person, the innocence behind the child, the wonder behind the innocence, the reality behind the wonder.

What is there that can't be loved? You enliven the flesh and phlegm you inhabit; elevate the affection to loving. Yes we are that, the wonder of mundane. We are the alchemists who change the un-mundane to mundane with memory and recast the mundane to the wondrous with a gentle touch.

Nandita Das anyday.

wildflower said...

WomanInLove, Lady you fall in the seriously beautiful category! :D

Soumya, I don't know about rustic, but you're earthy, raw & sultry ;)

Syed, True that. It never ceases to surprise me, that's probably what keeps me going.

V, <3

Merlin said...

....though for me classy is a religion and I could not disagree with you more. Think Barney. Think classy. Classy and real can be synonymous. If you want that is.

"We are busy losing our minds, by falling for the undeserving" True that.

I quote. "Anyone who doesn't reciprocate is undeserving. However self obsessed that may seem" And I agree to that too!

Amrita Sabat said...

No need 2 b a doll All the Time. Ask models n actresses- dey'll say dat's being mundane!! Grass has 2 b more mundane on the other side. Let's stick 2 our mundanity.:)It's more interesting for sure.

Krish said...

In some space lying between mundane and reality is another zone called magical realism and that has got nothing to do with fashion for sure. Oh wait, is that an excuse from those who are too lazy to turn up fashionable. That is the only excuse I have though. Well written, as always!