Null Hypothesis

I am force-writing this. You know how it's a custom to blog on my birthday. So here goes.

I am a cynic. I may not be good at anything I do. But I make a good cynic. I do not believe in anything. Or at least I try to believe that I do not believe in anything. And that somehow doesn't nullify my null hypothesis. But you didn't get the joke. So anyway.

Either, I,  from within am an innocent believer. But try to pretend that am a cynic. Because being a cynic comes cheaper. Nothing is at stake when you don't believe. Because you're not putting yourself out there and blah.

Or, I really am the hard core non believer that I should be. And I just pretend to look like someone who holds on to the nascent possibility that good things happen, and happen indeed. Because that way I am convincing myself that there still is at least one good reason to live.

And turn a year older on similar nights like tonite. Ta da..25!


SilentSea said...

Happy birthday! 25 is perhaps a good age to not entertain any beliefs at all because it's probably the age when the cast sets in that mould. Disbelief is delightfully adaptable, if nothing else.

Or I could've just said hello, fellow cynic. Thanks for validating my lack of belief. :)

jnana said...

Happy birthday. I have a hunch that you're an innocent believer inside.

Syed Ali Hamid said...

Many happy returns of the day. I have always vacillated between belief and disbelief; have got quite used to this by now. Sometimes it happens with alarming rapidity, sometimes almost simultaneously. Quite disturbing at times, though.

25, 35 and 55, I feel, are turning points; contemplate and enjoy.

venusplus said...

Drink up now, think another night :)
Happy birthday!

Amrita Sabat said...

Happy Belated Birthday 2 u!keep writing it WHATSOEVER!! :D

................your's entirely said...

Belated Happy Birthday Wildflower !!

Ta da :)