Well, as I am too disentangled to write a story, lets make tonite the night of one liners, shall we.

  • I have got very bad intentions for you. In my mind. Destructive. Very dirty, filthy intentions
  • Nothing sets you as free as the absolute lack of commitment. Peals off two layers of  your skin to reveal your true colors
  • You may do whatever you wanted to do with me. The question is, and the very big gigantic question is, baby, would you want keep me after that. May be not. So choose, which window are you gonna throw me out from. Huh
  • I like the surreptitious noises. If sometimes, I get to hear them, I cherish and cage them in my middle ear.
  • Love rain. I love rain. Not the first showers of monsoon. But the ones that never stop, once they've begun. Incessant. With continuous warnings of flood and dams crashing down. Those rains. Cannot wait for them anymore. 
  •  Fuck the following things in the following order:
    • Facebook
    • Peer pressure
    • The Tropic of Cancer
    • Need for attention
    • Awful beer
    • Blah
  • Food, is the biggest distraction. Thank God for Food. Is it illegal to marry food. Like I came back home, pretty drunk and artsy. And I had plans to scribble the hell out on this blog. But, now that I've eaten, I can hardly remember. Like I have complete amnesia of the turmoil in my head of an hour ago.
  • Life has frozen, shopping is a panacea no more. Consumerism nauseates me. It makes me want to puke my lungs out. Malls suffocate me. I hate the mirrors that make you appear prettier than you could ever be. 
  • I despise how the ATM machine never fails to reject my card the first time. How is that anomaly maintained every time I am in severe need for cash, I would never know.
  • Back off, whenever someone sits that close to me and talks, my eyes zoom in and zoom out on them. And you keep getting larger and smaller in my eyes. That sickens me. I like to see you for how you are, for real, without your pretension. So back off, may be a little. 
  • And give me my sanity back. Or never ask me why I am insane so much. 

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Krish said...

Interesting, enticing even. But once I come close to the words, I hardly get anything, like you are squinting on a highway, the full beam of someone else's vehicle blinding you from seeing anything..except the presence of vague silhouettes.