There was nothing that kept her. Could keep her. If let free, if left alone, she could go reckless. There was no restraining force in her system, once you got her unhooked once. Just once. Just one push and you would give her an excuse to go insane. She would know no shame. And fail miserably to understand any logic behind cultivated inhibition, of any sort. The woman was not the show a lot of cleavage kinda wild. Her mind was unchained. You get the difference? She did not pause and look at anyone's face for acceptance. She didn't have to learn to be non-nonchalant. She just was. She had no fears. Her head was clean. Absolutely see through.

Her face was gaunt, but with weird slant cuts. She would make her lips pout at the mirror. And throw her hair open. Turn off the lights and up the music. And dance. Wild. Like nothing else was.

And when she did that, she was such a spectacle. Such a spectacle. Her face shone with her aura. With everlasting latitude.

As the night progressed, she blossomed into an amusing temptress. Scattered with magic. Gurgling with laughter, that sound cutting across her dark room. Her memories fading into the distance. Legs and hands not  stopping. Waist swaying like in love. Hair, oh the hair!


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lust in its true sense.. beautiful...hauntingly beautiful

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