God's favourite child

I as such do not have any inclination towards for animals as pets, even zoos would not have interested me, but for the solitude and distance they offer from life. I am scared by fierce looking Alsatians. Have stayed in an apartment all my life, and with both of my parents working never had the time or space to have one. And as far as street dogs are concerned, I never gave them a thought. Kept a track of PETA, just for the sake of my general knowledge until today happened.

Finally winter has descended on the hilly (read mountainous) town of mine. Winter is accompanied by beautiful mornings. And I was on my way to college. Twenty minutes behind schedule. I came across one of the nicest things that life could offer a lover like me.

A puppy, a shade lighter than creamy brown in color, that must have been thrown out from the place it slept in the last night by the chill of the fog of dawn. It slept on the road, bathing in golden yellow sunlight, like God's favorite child.

It was a bundle of joy. The way it slept gave me feeling that life is cozy, comfortable and livable! It was life, reincarnated.

I wanted to savor the sight. Store it in my heart for some obscure poem to be written in that undated future of mine. Someday...I told myself.

I hurried for my class.

On my way back, I found it again. Still sleeping. But with arms out stretched this time. Just the way we take turns on our beds. When I turned back, I saw blood oozing out of its mouth. It was gone, run over.

I didn't stop. I couldn't stop.

And as I am blogging this out here, the flesh of that pariah must be rotting in that silent corner, some unknown corner of this gloomy world. Tomorrow it will ooze out, making things difficult for passers-by.

Do I care?

May be yes...I will shed a drop of tear, is that all God's favorite child deserved? It wouldn't be mourned for...


freebird said...

well what to say. we will see lot of such things in life.

Bishwanath Ghosh said...

One of the cruel shades of life...

Smruti Ranjan said...

In this restless world, i was happy that u stood still on ur way and heartily watched a road side puppy, but can't imagine why such beautiful moments are short lived.

Anonymous said...

Sounds similar..hence the reply..

Heaven awaits!
Pity is not what the puppy deserves and pity is not what "God's favorite child" deserves.

arvind said...

it nvr died..
it is living in your blog -
still too and forever..

those are the little creations - which are returning love for love..
just love and caring alone they know in their whole life..