I miss a place far away...

I miss a place far away,
I miss home
I miss those cracks in the walls,
The shade in my garden,
The still and silent afternoons

I miss the sleepy siesta
And my grandma,
The new bloom of winter
And the blinding fog

The dad I was dagger heads with,
And the rides he took me out for

My doting mom, my nagging mom
Feeding me, being the motto of her life
I remember how her veins would show up
Working for me
Huh! Did I care?

And the kid bro,
And his tantrums
When my youth carried me away
From the child in him

I miss those tired evenings
I miss being fed
Being loved
And a hand that ran on my fore head

I miss the idols we worshipped
The prayers I said
I miss my past
The present is but a burden

And besides that
I miss so many other things
Things whose shape
I try to feel in the air of this place

I wanna go back
I wanna go back home

I was an individual,
I wanted an identity
And look
Now what has happened to me?


freebird said...

story of most the people like me.

Amrita Sabat said...

waaaaaah. reading ur blog aftr looooooooooooooooooooooooong time & loved dis writing. :)

only wen u go away from a thing/person, dyu really miss it & realise its value.:)

manas said...

felt nice..

arvind said...

what me felt before 30 years..
it was a pain..
nobody to care..
nobody to trust..
life is a misery..

(plan for return back there..
but if anyone alive there!?)

Anonymous said...

Alas, such is life and fate.

Anonymous said...

I've come back to read this, I loved reading this again. It really is very beutiful. Takes one away...far away, if but for a few seconds.
Take care and God bless. Hope u are well!

wildflower said...

I am great, I am gaping at myself in disbelief as I write this. But I am doing great! So, thank you. Keep coming back, I won't lose track of you, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are keeping well.. I think of you often these days.
Take care, God bless and be well DM.

Anonymous said...

...so beutiful.

Anonymous said...

So lovely, always takes my breath away.