Part I

‘So how about getting the lady a lovely new dress?’
I would have sprung off my feet at those words.
And normally say something like ‘Fantastic! Let’s go, get it! What are we waiting for?’
But I had to show that I have my own reservations. Particularly with new comers into my life.
So I remember smiling and saying something like, ‘Mmmm…no. I already have so many’
And then his face evolved an impish smile, ‘A girl can never have so-many dresses, I had heard!’
We laughed that away.
I don’t know what for was he so exceptionally amicable to me. He could have simply treated me like a far off relative, here to see his city. He could have put me up at some hotel, called me home for an occasional dinner, and get done with it. But he would rather see me in a room in his house.
Men at an age like his are conventionally supposed to part from youngsters for their highly screwed up generation Y antics. But he would rather spend his time trying to know what exactly was happening within me.
Was all this because he had been alone all his long life? Or was it because he was an artist?
We were having lunch at one of his favorite restaurants. It’s a mildly sunny afternoon. He eats a little and talks a lot.
Does he at all push his glasses up his nose and behave like that I-am-a-friend-of-your-dad and all? No, he so completely stands apart from that category.
We converse like two age-less people. He is pretty deep as a person. When I am not attentive, I get lost in the contours of his face. His eyes sparkle when he speaks, and he folds his hands on the table when he talks to me.
Is this that young girl fantasizing should I say a ‘middle-aged’ man syndrome? Probably no.
He is just another object of observation. And it is now that I can see beyond his wrinkles…


anirudh said...


................your's entirely said...

nice :)
hey, how about continuing 'walks to remember'?....i loved them

d SINNER!!! said...

smtimes...age dsnt matter...nt everyone can achieve that! what u described...hav been just cnnected wth it....

so seems I know!!!:)always nice to read ur blog!

Standbymind said...

sounds nice...
whens the next part?

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

sometimes, people like that are such a blessing in our lives, provided that they are sincere...
beautiful post, i must say. Very articulate :)

Abhishek Khanna said...

waiting for part 2

wildflower said...

@ anrirudh
yea yeah! keep humming, n l keep YaWiNg!

....your's entirely
i know, i wud continue it wen i begin believing in love again---!!!

@ d sinner
thank you sinner :P

@ Aman
God knows!!! May be when i can afford to lie down and mull over what i want to do with this fictitious Uncle of mine...LoL

@ raaji
Unfortunately, I have nevr met anyone like this, so i chose to write it down, this blog is to reveal my very intimate yearnings...

@ abhishek

Abhishek Khanna said...


Mez said...

U missing?

zzz-writer said...

it felt really nice to read this post, can not put it in words- may it is what you felt that i felt too.
thanks for sharing this

Standbymind said...

ha ha...Shall wait!

vitruvian said...

nice...climactic beginning...
will look out for more..

wildflower said...

@ Aman & Sneha & Abhishek
Dunno if i wud be able to continue this...i have too many things jumping around in my mind tight now :)

@ zzz
this one was completely fictitious!!!

@ mez
Well well!
I don't know but there is an obscure force within me these days that stops me from publishing everything i write...

Smruti Ranjan said...

read for the first time ,did not find any clue of the theme, felt it like an essay.
second time, traces of attraction among both.
but still wondering, clear me

Solitaire said...

So who is he after all and what do you see beyond his wrinkles?

wildflower said...

@ Solitaire
what do ya wanta hear? that i see a profound lover?

@ Smruti
:) :)