from a nun's bedroom

Is life a journey to finding love?

I believe in the energy of the universe, and the coating of love over the world when I read Paulo Coelho, who many call a fairy tale writer for


He makes me feel weirdly energetic when I roll my eyes down his words

I wonder where all this energy was before?

And where this shall vanish to after I shut the book?

How can someone write things that are miles away from the mundane addictions of man yet be so widely understood?

It makes my mind leap to unknown heights, delve into depths I have never been to

Otherwise I survive on the remnants of my thirst for absolute freedom

Is life a journey in search of the place where Ican be happy forever?

May be...for me it is

Cleansing myself of fears is another thing

The fear of failure, haunts me, makes my life unlivable

I shall find a place where my soul shall dwell in peace, without the shame that many would call me a lunatic after reading this...

That's all!


maverick said...

Is life a journey in search of the place where Ican be happy forever?

well u shud watch a movie called "finding neverland"...thats gonna put alot of light on the thots that are put up here..


anirudh said...

my my...sry outf words after reading dis one...a beautiful description o coelhos work..!

Ashu said...

Nice post

Keshi said...

nice one!


relations said...


if life is a journey without a destination..
and it does have some beautiful sojourns en route..

Abhishek Khanna said...

nice post :)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

yes.. i agree. Coelho has the ability to do that to people.
Love is indeed something that surpasses our every other desire.

Pri said...

was a coehlo fan once upon a time...
and then i got real :)

wildflower said...

@ maverick
very soon,i will...

@ anirudh, ashu, abhishek & keshi
thnx :)

@ relations
hmm..i am aware :D

@ raaji
you have your way with words..:)

@ pri
yeah, the man writes like as if he is into one everlasting dream..n i read him because i love to lapse into those dreaming sessions...once in a while..

................your's entirely said...

life is a journey to find a place where u can be really happy ?!
life is a destination where u can be truly happy.
wonderful writer paulo coelho is....i read 'i sat down by river piedra...' last was great

Mez said...
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annie said...

My new blog ...

Delete the comment after reading it.

Solitaire said...

I just got done reading "Eleven Minutes" and I feel like I started on this spiritual journey that ended the moment I shut the book down.