I Ain't Amused At All

I have seen far too many
So you're nothing new

Think you're too good huh?
Keep your goodness to yourself

Too much of an attitude ain't good for the soul
Get down from the heavens, dumb fool!

You foul-mouthed idiot
Mark my words, you snob

Or they will come to you
Sooner or Later

No matter who you are
And what you do

In the end,
It doesn't even matter

When the sun sets
The bird flies back to the roost, unless you're an owl

Stay away!

Keep your attitude to yourself
I have enough of my own


d gypsy! said...

;P cute one...

why are u angry?

Anonymous said...

I m so sorry...but I feel like smiling when i read that!

Got here from the newly christened 'd gypsy''s page!


esp said...

shaant gadadhaari bheem.. shaant

skeptic saint said...

ouch...that hurt...

i hope the one for whom it is meant reads it...he/she ll have to try to hide his face for sometime after reading this... lol... :)

puneet said...

ah the sweet hatred!

................your's entirely said...

why so angry gal?why?

wildflower said...

@ gypsy, ..your's entirely
i'm angry, coz i cant be anythin els :P

@ veens
me 2 was smilin when i wrote this :D

@ esp

@ skeptic saint
it's for one grp of people..hope each one of dem reads it

@ punnet
no way sweet..harrddd bitterr!!