Another Untitled!

Pros : You are the first guy who became a friend,
crossing the 'just-an-acquaintance' barrier. I got to
know what it is to be emotionally attached to someone
like you. First person I call when I am messed

Cons : You confuse me with thy emotions. Being
hyper-emotional is pathetic you know .

Pros: Cholcolates-walks-chocolates! Cool guy you are.
You are the one I talked to all night to see day-break
and then sleep through sleepy Saturdays.

Cons: I genuinely missed you when you were away.
And I hate becoming a parasite. You should've done
something about it.

Pros: You are the most vivacious person I ever came
across. Was smitten by some shades of the person you
are. Relishing my evenings away with you, I forgot
what I was doing to myself.

Cons: You catered to a larger audience. And I didn't
want to get lost in that absolute chaos.

Pros:You are one of those few guys who I respect for
who they are and not for what they are, if you get the
difference. I respect you, out & out! You have a heart
of gold.

Cons: You have a heart of gold. But so does a hard
boiled egg! You make nothing out of it. You're too
distant, too vague!

Pros: You-you-you! I thank God a zillion times to have
met you. You made me know myself. You taught me
love. And I learnt that my former ideas were all
hypotheses. No hard feelings now! May the force be with yu!

Cons: No cons!


Anonymous said...

nice "collection" :P

ab inke naam...nahi idhar nahi gtalk me discuss karenge... ;)

gypsy said...

no cons

thats hard to believe... ;)

Anirudh 'Lallan' Choudhry said...


Vee said...

Hmmm, interesting!!! So u mean guy 5 is god-send??

wildflower said...

@ wordsmith

@ gypsy
love is blinD, we all know

@ anirudh
prefix that with a very ;)

@ Vee
but then God took him away :|

Unknown said...

you forgot to mention how does the guy 5 look like!
please elaborate on the guy 5! was he wearing a white blazer, was there any stethoscope hanging around his neck! he seems to be a damn good psychiatrist! ( external help:) )

wildflower said...

@ none
i hvnt found d (external!) help yet.. guy 5 was/is an engineer~~