tonite before i disappear in the dark
my heart will miss a beat for sure
and it will say -'ah'

i'll light a candle
and get a cake of chocolate
the one that looks like a heart
mine & yours alike

music will flow in at midnight
i'll fill my room with confetti
and dance to sleep, in your arms

run my hands through your hair
and say those 'nothings' in your ears

i'll sit with myself
and remember
your words...your smells
the touch, the taste

& I've got to see you again~!


kunal said...

u should have been a boy.. girl

i sometimes pity u..

though i love each of your posts, i still feel i would want to see your versatility as a writer.
i know u can handle any topic under the sun with equal grace.
best of luck

The Furobiker said...

nice cake :D

wildflower said...

@ kunal
pity is something i never wanted. not from you. not from anyone else. Compassion would have been a better word.

And the blog that i write was never written to showcase my prowess as a writer. my blog is another me. writing is a compulsion for me. it is an involutary thing. so the situation i am in, is out of my hands.

@ abhishek
din make dat 1 ;)

--xh-- said...

:) nice, as usual.. i have to think of new words to compliment your posts now!!!!

gypsy said...

i would repeat xh words...

grlie,gimme some new words so that my compliments can sound fresh and different just like your posts...

m at loss of words usually....

Unknown said...


wildflower said...

gypsy is sleepy most of the times like me ...zzZZZZ!! :D

@ xh

@ esp
melted? r ye alr8 nw? ;)