The lazy afternoon was surprised by a thunderstorm.
The one you are never ready for. And you are stuck in
the most mundane of places without an umbrella or
anything. I was getting back home, ealier than usual.
And the rain on my windshield felt nice.

The highway was almost deserted. But I saw someone
and screeched back. And I lowered the glass to see
her. She was drenched under her skin. A strand of wet
hair fell on her face as she bent down to say hi.

'Hmm...Yea', she smiled.
'Need a ride?' I asked and waited for her to say 'No, I'l
get a cab'.

-To be continued..?


Anonymous said...

"....'Need a ride?' I asked and waited for her to say 'No, I'l
get a cab...."
I wud rather be dying to see her get in.

I thought u were busy with ur mids... but u come up with salsa the night before... seems like the "final yr-masti maaro" thingy has got into UR head too..

Btw, u hav been tagged.

P.S: ajnabi sehar, sunsan gali, barish, besahara ladki ... sounds bollywood to me... :P

--xh-- said...

waiting for the next part....

Vijayshryaln said...

how a stranded mind will leave ur car??

Abhishek Khanna said...

je kya hai

atleast ek chapter to poora likhna tha na

wise good start

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

that is quite an awkward place to leave it, dont you think?

akanksha said...

Waiting to know what happens next! Write soon!

Priya said...

Yes! :)

cRap bloGger said...

what next :O

wildflower said...

@ wordsmith
tho he like u wanted her to get in, girls dun generally do tht...do tey :D

@ xh, Vijay, abhishek, raaji, akanksha, crap blogger
d next part, i guess l b up soon !

@ Priya
Yes! ;)

anirudh said...


none of your said...

Please leave her there, i am about to reach that spot! need a girl to hit on, and this sounds like a golden opportunity!i will give her the lift.
thank you in advance

wildflower said...

@ none
but i wonder if the girl will trust yu for a lift!.. i reely wonder