On the verge of love

I'm feeling ugly tonight
Won't you stop by?

Say a word or two
And make me dance on the clouds again?

Won't you?

I know
I ain't as beautiful
I ain't fair
I don't have those blue eyes either
Nor the captivating dimples



d gypsy! said...

perfect thoughts for this cold night, when its raining outside and m feeling damn lonely..

thanks... suits me ;)

kunal said...

two words for u, for tonight and forever,

stopped by

anirudh said...

oh yes.. i will...just take my hand when u need to fly...!!

--xh-- said...

sweet... :)

ani said...


wildflower said...

@ gypsy
this poem happened as i was talking to myself ... :) n yea therz sumthin abt d cold

@ kunal

@ anirudh
:) sumtym 4 sure

@ xh

@ ani

Abhishek Khanna said...

great thoughts :)

Standbymind said...

Beautiful - the way you capture the though and weave them in words!