u emerge from the smoke
and merge within again

i ask myself
if you're the same person
inside & outside the smoke

are you?

the haze turns purple
findin yu, gets harder
my rovin eyes..get
not a moment of rest
findin yu &
buildin stories..

distance shortens
between me to yu..
m 'ere
yet i feel
your warm breath
on my cheek..

there are moments
when i want to go
actively insane
this is one such

i can't help myself
can you?


$uch! said...


Mayz said...

y wud anyone stay away after hearin words like that??

wildflower said...

@ S

@ Mayz
he shud knw !

ani_aset said...

aww lovely lovely "m ere" is what i so loved :D

wildflower said...

@ Mayank
he loves someone elsE!

@ Ani_set
thnkyu :) and glad sum1 got the title :D

Anonymous said...

Hope this is not a buffet....where u say "Help Yourselves" :P :P

BTW what is the distance? Plz answer in KM/Miles

wildflower said...

Oh you shd've been there to notice that shortening distance. And quess what the irony is? You most pro'ly were there! :P