me & You - a sequel..?

In the last few days, I have been creating memories.
These memories, I want to shed. Right now. Right away.
Because I travel light.
Because I make life sufficiently complicated, anyway.
Remants of the past, make it worse.

Someone I worship, once thus spake.
'Eva memories can only cause ache
Bad ones remind you of the worst you have been through
Good ones are also bad as that good is bygone.
And Eva bygone is as good as dead'

Keeping memories is like
trying to nurse a dying moment
It's like telling yourself that
a corpse will spring back to life.

Coming back to why this is being written.
I keep looking for traces of your face, wherever, whenever.
My strange fixation.
I am obsessed about your face

I know
You will leave
This moment will die.
Our moment, in the rush of months and years
I won't nurse the corpse.
I travel light, no memories for me.

But when I look for traces of your face fading away
Getting lost in a crowd
What lingers on is those faint contours..
Your eyes like mine, sometimes tired, sometimes Red
Mostly understanding, loving

Because it has to, anyway
I dread the way all this is going to end..

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Me to you

me & You..?

Now, I'm writin yu a song. Our last..


ani_aset said...

what no comment? :O i am amazed such a lovely poem that came out..loved the style...i hope it isn inspired from reality :)will be tragic

wildflower said...

thnx for the comment ;)
and by the way..
the one and only inspiration behind all my writing is Reality..everythin here is true..tragic yet true..

shut up n write! said...

jst cam across...dis is jst so nice n passionate...*luvd luvd*

Anonymous said...

You write very well...this piece, a touch sad...Alas :(

ani_aset said...

>:D< god bless you

wildflower said...

@ shut up n write!
hmm..thnx gurl

@ Anonymous
well I'am simply done with it.

@ ani_set
wish that cud change a thing..! :)

ani_aset said...

it will dearie stay positive on that :)

Mayz said...

isnt that life...everythin that begins always ends...

ashes to ashes
dust to dust

i loved these lines...u portrayed reality so easily with these

................your's entirely said...

I would like to see that face....with which you are so obssesed one of your upcoming posts.....a request from an ardent fan of your compositions...

wildflower said...

@ Mayz
hmm..ashes to ashes makes this restless race that we are running look so..not worth it

@ ..your's entirely
in full public? aha!! thnx for being so bold..o ardent admirer :)