Our feet
On wet sand, digging puddles
Chasing crabs into their holes

I stepping into your footprints
Guilelessly, in abandon.
Foam of waves, receding from our toes

We stand still
Our fingers melted into one
My toe ring of silver, glistens like a star in the sea

Sky split into a brilliant dusk
Not even birds, it's just us
You & I

I write our names on the sand
You wait for them to be washed away
And then you laugh

That intoxicating, open mouthed laughter
Waits for me to join in mid-way
I feign anger and walk away

And you console me
The sea won't stand our names
Because we're not forever.

Nothing is forever.
That we're here only for now
After a day has ended, & another hasn't begun

And I am deep in a dream.


HF said...

i hope you never wake up.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Nothing's ever built to last. It might last for centuries, maybe many lifetimes, but what when the final hour arrives.

Its better to be broken sometimes.

Blasphemous Aesthete

$uch! said...


♠ Love Potion ♠ said...

wow :)

( for the lack of something intelligent to say! but i really liked it )

- dip/ jeweliot/ crazy diamond ( blog changed)

wildflower said...

I thank fate I have woken up. Life is much simpler when dreamless.

Blasphemous Aesthete
I love the calm sheath that broken things cover themselves with, as much as I love the shards within.

:) I day dreamed the whole of this poem you know! It's a 6 month anniversary tribute to someone I think I loved the most.

Noted. I love all your names by the way..

Richa said...

Such a beautiful picture painted! And I loved the last line.

Ubaid said...

I likes it :)

MothSmokeLover said...

Great imagery. Coming back after a while here. As usual you create magic with your words!

Gotta do some catching up soon :)

wildflower said...

Yeah! The truth of it all lies in the closing lines.

:) Merci!

I love your name. I mean seriously :)

Ankur said...

I agree. Its beautifully visualised and the last line just ties a neat bow to the whole composition.

Anonymous said...

not awesome, but nice
sort of Kamla Das ish

Anonymous said...

but sort of beautiful

Anonymous said...

I really liked 'Nothing is forever'

wildflower said...

A neat bow. I like that. And wish it were possible to tie that bow around every piece of writing. Thanks.

But Kamala Das is awesome. So this was awesome.

Rhett said...

deep in a dream...indeed... nice poem.

wildflower said...

Indeed, nice name! One of my favorites of your lines is.. "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" :D