Goodbyes are so hard
I would rather not say a word at all
But I fear, worst of memories are often those,
in which the adieus weren't bid
and what was ought to be said, wasn't.

Is there anything to say?
Anything at all, that could
make this any bearable
In a way you seemed to do

So, I have nothing more
but my dearth of words to give you
Take this along, won't you
Remember me
as the one whose longing for you
was Undying

And as the one,
who always begged you to stay,
Stay a little longer
May be till the sun came up



Surya Prakash V said...

A sting could kill you, unless it left no physical mark. Then you roam as the undead.


Mansi said...

Goodbyes are hard!
But its harder to think what you could have said that time!
bful as evr!

Winter Song said...

This was beautiful...You always write from somewhere deep within yourself....Love it.