Non sequitur

It's that thing you do. With your eyes. Eyes never lie. Eyes cannot lie. Through them, I can stare at your insides. I get to read your intentions so well. Sometimes I wonder if I get you sooner than you get yourself.

My peripheral view has a wider horizon than you think. I can sense you looking at me no matter what corner of the room you're in. It's like my skin has these hyper sensitive sensors fixed, just for thy eyes. The way you steal furtive glances, imagining that noone's looking. But I am. Each time you shift your eyes from me, probably you don't realize, but there is this brief moment when our eyes meet. And I see deceit in yours. Do you see thirst in mine?

Forget instants. For longer whiles, in dark secluded rooms. When your eyes move on me, on above me, feeding on my every inch, I know which are the stretches your eyes hold on to. For units of time I count in heart-beats. And though I am not looking at you, I know. I know the exact stratum of intoxication you're in.

But of all things. I love most about your eyes is the curiosity in them. The way you look at me every-time like I was anew. Like you've just found me.

That's the thing you do. 


jnana said...


Winter Song said...

Lovely! Goosebumps!

WomanInLove said...

The last 2 lines are just beautiful

Surya Prakash V said...

Actually my love,

I fail. And am struggling to get my eyes off you. And when I do, there is the body too. Everything, everyday, every minute is new. 'Coz, its only, and only you. You.

Ritika Gupta said...

Its simply awesome.. Goosebumps actually!!

T said...

what have you done!! you have no idea... i am in love with you all over again :)

Anurag said...

I am reading your posts for quite sometime now. But this forced me to comment. It was awesome, in every sense.
your words give my feelings a wake up call sometimes and I end up writing one or two good post. But nothing remotely close to yours. :)

Surya Prakash V said...


To this graveyard it lead. That innocence that is now dead.

It's the thing you do, took my life to undo.

Outdoor Dog's Blog said...

Feelin' tha luv! -P.

Anonymous said...

you make me go crazy baby.. yes.. that thing you do!

Rodolph the red-nosed reindeer said...

WOW !!
Glorifying the lecher. The protagonist is enjoin' being stared "on every inch". Kinda reminds me of that gal in American Beauty & her pervy neighbour.
Outrightly GROSS!!
Cant fathom wht all this talk about Goosebumps & hair rising on the back of the neck is all about??

wildflower said...

Love you too babe!