The Upper Hand

Don't corrupt your mind with too much drama. And you'll see the world in black and white. Because, there is no grey. Grey is an intermediary illusion invented by those who lack the necessary guts. I just don't get it, when the facts are staring at us in the eye, what handicap of intelligence could actually make us buy a rejection for anything but rejection.

Did I get to the point alright?

Always, almost always, there are two parties. And thanks to lots of  blah doing rounds, we may not conclude that one is necessarily better than the other. And that we never compare apples and oranges. And that we're all great being who we are. And other categorical nonsense.

But, who're we kidding. The human eye is designed to judge at first sight. And on an absolute scale of quintessential human parameters, we know which party has the upper hand. The remnant is, but of course, rejected. By the former.

I am talking about the disaster called love. The pretty rejects the ugly. The loser always falls for the one who has traits of a winner before being smashed with a shattering heartbreak. This thing I see is so rampant that it's beginning to get more than ridiculous. Sugarcoated rejections.

I am not the one for you. I am such a pathetic person, baby I don't deserve love, least of all, yours. Which is extra divine. I hope you find someone worth you. And other categorical nonsense. Dear God, give me a break.

But nevertheless, we don't measure a prospective lover on an absolute scale of quintessential human parameters. I think, we should. It's almost high time.

And c'mon. How much balls does one need to just say it.

You're rejected, you fool. I deserve someone better. Can't you see my looming upper hand?


Surya Prakash V said...

Here is the modus operandi of the insecure and the power hungry:

- Win a club of mutual admirers, always maintaining your inner mental edge of being unique and/or above.
- Show passive aggression to hint that disagreement is not welcome.
- Create an illusion of being open.
- Walk out on all disagreements because "obviously" "you know" that the other is wrong!
- Cast a web of guilt onto the "other" absolving self of all mistakes.
- Go to your club
- Paint a mildly flawed but gloriously benevolent self;
- Paint the picture of a monster outside your window.
- Win approvals for your half truths; and disapprovals of those outside your window

- self congratulate on hollow victories as the currency of sel esteem
- go back to window gazing!

Did it occur to you as odd that vice and virtue cross dress based on ones opinionated whims?

Did it seem odd that fear/guilt and promise of reward can be employed to tame the unsuspecting majority?

What if there is only black OR white wi? And one is really just a cross dressing of the other?

Sadomasochism is a reality! I see it all around in the most private parts of people's lives!

One derives pleasure from Habit, exactly at the point of perversion one loves to bleed!

What is it for you Wi? White or black? What is more painful the bondage of acceprance? Or the pain of rejection? What is the vice/virtue you would cross dress and employ as virtue/vice?

Surya Prakash V said...

One only needs to destroy the ladder to be alone at the top; the irony would be when he discovers he wasn't just high enough!

Surya Prakash V said...

If one is smart enough to be anonymous; one should also be brave enough to un-love.

Clinging is the only currency of suffering; but letting go is no option; we all invent out private hells.

I have been there, now done with that!

Disguise said...

you're my favorite blog :)

Tan said...

Did someone tell you..
You are a nightingale who sits in darkness and sings to cheer its own solitude with sweet sounds..

Krish said...

I dunno, in what mood you wrote this. But, I am sorry, I am rolling on the floor laughing. Well, not exactly rolling, but laughing nevertheless. Brilliant!