A dusk
Sunset has colored the sky
And we're biking into infinity

A speed so high
That I cant breathe anymore
That the wind pierces into my skin

To breakfree
I let my hands off your shoulders
Stretch them out and scream our names

I wait
For my voice to strike a mountain
And come back to me

But sad
Our names get lost in the air
I bite my lips & you turn back

Your small eyes
A spark of mischief in them
And you gimme goosebumps

I die
When your lips twist
And the smile reaches the whole of your cheeks

I smile to myself
And I pat my back, I've loved a rebel


--xh-- said...

wow.. just wow.. a biking-love poem... i loved the mental image of a couple, pillion stretching her hands apart...biking to infinity... :)
nice one da...

anirudh said...

beautiful...splendid..took my heart away.. wow,,,

n me being a biker.. it just stood on my imaginative grounds.. i am jealous of the picture this poem portrays...

beautiful yaa..!

Smruti Ranjan said...

romantic.. brilliant

an imaginative mind...

a very beautiful poem...
and the careful choice of words bring such a vivid set of actions like a 10 secs motion picture..

long live wildflower!! :)

relations said...

read this..

looked into monitor for 10 minutes doing noting..
and then went into some other universe..

there is a world that we all dream, a world we love, a world that comes to us...

a world that does not stay..

d SINNER!!! said...


loving bikes more then men that ride them, i felt it all...

the imagination holds strong, and the images are awesome....

wildflower said...

@ Anoop
imagE..! yah..

@ Anirudh
again d imagE..okay!

@ Smruti
dis 1z motion picture :)

@ relations
And the world I'm now in is so uninhabitable !

@ d sinner
'loving bikes more then men that ride them, i felt it all...'

datz quite sumthiN .. :)

mayz said...

dropped here from sinners blog...dat was a pleasant read...vy different n creative

ani said...

and i have no idea how but u just captured my love story right there in that poem!!!

rashmi said...

nice poem.good blog. thanks for dropping by

singlewheatfemale said...


wildflower said...

@ ani
lucky yoU!
wots real for u..is a dream 4 me ..!

@ mayz & rashmi

@ singlewhe---

:D :)

Standbymind said...

B E A U T I F U L ! !

sacrosanct savant said...

wow.......sheer class...totally in love with ambience created!

bhav said...

beautiful :)
i can hear d echoes still :D

Meghana Naidu said...

oh that was wonderful!
just like someone said,
it felt like a 10 sec motion picture! so vivid the imagery was
it also made me sigh
a lot of things seem to make me sigh these days but anyway!
i loved it, truly

wildflower said...

:) ..thanx Aman, Abhisek, Bhavya & Meghana ..

SammY said...

Woahhh!!!!!!! Wat r u!!!!!!!

wildflower said...

@ Sam
LoL!! m tryna figure that out 2..u cud help :)