Someday I met him at the juice centre. It was one of those days when I didn't know his name. As in I was always confused about his name. As in I messed it up with another guy's.
YEah, so at the juice centre, he smiles at me; I smile back at him as it was the first day of college after summer and we were supposedly wishing each other a warm welcome-back. And then he makes me feel like he would say a word or two. And I am trying my guts out to remember his name. Does it start with an 'A' , a 'T'..what!! He asks me about the registration for the new semester and we talk about how the management has screwed up things big time. We laugh. He leaves. And I still can't remember his name.


ani said...

tat happens soooooooooooooooooo often to me!!!!!

kunal said...

it happens to me also, but boys are not replced by girls. so i dont put efforts to remind myself much.

--xh-- said...

a leafe from every day life.. nice :)

anirudh said...


d gypsy! said...


and when such things happens, either m too blatant to ask and then being idiotically looked at or i say-eh never mind...

what lies in a name...hahhaa

wildflower said...

oh! us..temporary amnesiacs!

hmm..but d way d uy comes n smiles n chats away..makes me wonder wht'l happen when i tell him that i dunno D name..LolZ

#xh# a lighter vein, adds 2 d fun :)

man Vs Computer..hepens ;)

i wudnt ask..u knw he is a cue kid after all :P

nefariousoutlook said...

haha..i am sure many ppl would relate to this incident.. but yeah i would say carry on the conversation..and try and get his/her name ..and if the gal is cute..then you better well rack your brains to get the name :)