There are certain truths about myself that I might never want to convey. Even though my blog is another me and here I put I put up almost anything, I have certain uncertainties inside myself I would never like to talk about.

Here I have a lot of candyfloss stuff put up. I write about being estranged and lovelorn. I honestly write down my emotions, my passions. Some stories are completely fictitious. Some are nothing else but the truth. And some are in between. The ones that occured to me when reality extended to a somewhere and imagination took over from there on.

But THIS is not I am all about. THIS could be a facet ; or rather a facade!

I have a certain substance in me. And I want to talk about it. Some ambition to win, some to absolutely outstrip the peers. A part of me wants to be barbaric, at times, running like a cheetah and grabbing by the neck anything it wants to possess. At times looking at blood ooze makes me such a voyeur. And then I forget to cry and begin to laugh like an insane. Sometimes I love fire and smoke and darkness. Sometimes I just want to break-free. An sometimes I just go DIZZY!


d gypsy! said...

:) good to know you


Abhishek Khanna said...

thats nt wiched.. that absolutely normal

Abhishek Khanna said...


Prakhar said...

well well...as gypsy said..totally wild one :)

puneet said...

mostly everything you say is a facade. do you know yourself that you are explaining to others what you are?

kunal said...

I thought u expalined urself with ur lovelorn & looser posts and for a change unexplained urself by extending the imagination to reality in this post.
But no,most of us are like u only thing is unlike u,we dont know if we could jot down anything which so closely resembles to us.
There is no match to ur consistency. brilliant

wildflower said...

@ gypsy & prakhar
and it feels gud 2 b known...:) *sigh*

@ abhishek
so i was tryin 2 make sure m abslt normal ;)

@ puneet
u knw me..dat's more dan nethin i cud ask 4 :P

@ kunal
as usual.. m flattered :)