A latent Dream

I have always wanted to become a news-reader. It could have been just another stunt of a whim to become better known, but whatever the reason, I always wanted to see myself reading the news from God-knows-where. I wondered from where they were reading it all. It was much later I found out how the thing works... I also wracked my brains wondering what it would look like if I had a pang of nervousness showing myself to a billion people in the middle of it all, 
Iwould just get up and run away... 

I have always wanted to be in Venice. It makes me want it more with time. It arouses in me feelings of passion & gay abandon..somehow it does.

I have wanted to become an experimental chef and have wanted to have my retinue of victims to test/taste them on..

I have always wanted to have a night for myself.I would spend it walking the shores and collecting sea shells and chasing crabs into their holes, from dusk to dawn..

I have wanted to run away from home, just for the heck of it/for a short duration of time...i wonder how short../

I have always wanted to have fair hands, nevermind the face, justthe hands/& this is has nothing racist about it /

I, as a child, had always asked dad to drive me to the horizon. I knew it all comes a full 'sphere', even then I wanted to fall off the edge of the earth.

I have always wanted to have the 'exact' pictures to match my thoughts when I write something.

And, of course, I have always wanted to find YOU.


anirudh said...

simply beautiful..ur thoughts are flower like...!!

kunal said...

a classic wildflower one.. beautiful

d gypsy! said...


Chriz said...

good flow .. i wanted to be a reader too.. but believe me, it is a painful job...try talk shows

wildflower said...

..d name is, flower! wildflower ;)

:) thnkaa

so sweet..!

sumday i will.. :D

& btw.. a very happy new year to all of you :) let's make way for Joy!

Chriz said...

back me happy new year

academically impaired said...

nice job, happy new yr 2009

shex said...

lol... lol
anurag sinha
he was my senior in school :P