how have you been..all these days..lon time yaa
what? no way..are you kiddin me?
if you re serious..thats great news
who is it? some ol friend? do i know her?
guess all this happend very fast, none of us even got the slightest hint..
o ya? true love and all..haha!
oh of course.how can i not come to your wedding?
yea..for sure ..'

after the call, i felt like holding my heart, in case it falls off my chest. began crying.

wanted to call back and say

'i m sure ur joking..right..tell me you are
getting married is a serious thing... m sure ur aware
and what makes u think this isn't just a fling/
u knw it could be..give it some more time
give me somemore time
how can you marry someone else but...'

to get over it i took a bath that felt like sauna. and then a cold shower/ and warm again... and it kept goin on that way for around an hour.

Couldn't swallow any breakfast. Walked the roads like a zombie. thnkin of old days.. a terrible pang of lonliness took over every part of me. i wanted so badly to talk.

waited for it to be lunch time. as me and my frappe' sat alone-together on a table, my mind kept ditching me every now and then. my insides were feeling terrible. i was making sure if all that had actually happened in the morning, i might have dreamt of it..or something. i felt lost, orphaned and totally abandoned.

later in the evening i went to the coffee shop. Took one of those chairs they have for singletons, fixed near the glass walls. I stared out and saw the world being quietly engulfed by the dusk. The cofe noir, between my palms, made me feel warm. I looked at the people hurrryin by. and looked into myself. Finished my coffee and ran to the gift shop next door to get him the wedding gift he deserved...


kunal said...

a looser winning over self is potrayed abundantly beautifully..
I want to write something like this but my ego doesn't allow me to write much about this kind of a lover. U fill that hollow in me completly.

Born Vagabond said...

Gud 1!!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

I suppose sometimes we just wait for too long....

--xh-- said...

a wait which went a bit too long... beautiful...

anirudh said...


wildflower said...

@ kunal
i just wrote a simple story. it's u who gave it this good a meaning. Thank you :)

@ vagabond

@ raaji & xh
yea, sumtyms we just dunnno that v hv waited too long & waited 4 d wrong person @ dat

@ anirudh
i know my friend, but that again is LIFE!

d gypsy! said...




ok, m sad...

!!!!!! said...

A very well written refreshing stuff.
Hi ....and i am yr friend's friend...

wildflower said...

my wich frnd's frnd r ya ;)

@ gypsy
/long sigh/