One Sunday evening he and I were talking. I was walking down to the ATM to get some cash for the next week. I thought I would talk through. We drifted to relationships. The lack of them. Marriage. And then an ultimate oneliner from him,"Some people even look for a beautiful girl to marry". I laughed then. In those wisps that escaped my mouth, were my sighs. I am thinking about it now.

How often do you care to notice someone who almost merges with the background? Someone who is forced to do so or someone who does it by choice. A someone who doesn't have that attractive a face, that catchy a smile or that visible an attitude. Someone who lives by himself. You won't right? Never ever?

Honestly I wouldn't either. My eyes aren't deft enough to suck the beauty out of things as real as life. We always love things that look beautiful. Unconsciously we lose out on loving the things that are beautiful. And that my dear, is not that good a deal.

You wont ever care to speak to a girl who is not a hot shot. Would you? If her hair isn't jet black or dark shades of coffee; if she lacks vital vital statistics; if she isn't fair, you would ne'er, would you? You won't ever notice someone who is not consciously trying to get noticed. If you won't then you have no work here. Fuckoffyoubloodysonovabitch!

PS: Nevamind my last phrase. I had to use it. I am relieved now. Sigh!
One four letter word I despise is Bias.


Punya said...

well said. ut all five fingers aren't the same, u c!
u can ne'er figure out what someone likes or dislikes until u know someone.

d gypsy! said...


thumbs up...

wildflower said...

@ Punya
hmm...guess i dint get the point thru'./.

@ gypsy
hmm..! :D bloggin it out is like ah..v relieving..

Ketan said...

Some forms of attraction are wired into our brains. Maybe, they helped survival through evolution.

But for me, personally, I do get fascinated by weird things--like how someone walks, or if someone laughs with utmost disinhibition, or if someone is totally anonymous. I think, a very reticent person also eventually ends up drawing attention, because of a certain kind of enigma that surrounds them.

But then you know, it's good that majority doesn't pay attention to details. Because if by being in the background, if you end up drawing someone's attention, then you know that they certainly have an eye for details. ;)


wildflower said...

@ Ketan
Ur pic inverted..tells me ..You have an eye for the weird. Glad 2 find yu..

Ketan said...

Hello Eva!

As such most of my response above was in earnest. What I observe in others is weird only vis-a-vis what others observe in others.

But, I just don't have an eye for the weird, both of my eyes are for the weird. :P And if you re-invert my pic you'll find even my eyes are weird! ;)

Hoping to find you on my blog one of these days. Though not sure what will interest you there, maybe the labels on the left sidebar would help.


sensiblenisha said...

Its difficult but there's another side to it.No one will like u for anything other than what u are and that surpasses everything...and I guess we r hopeless romantics so we'll wait.