Dini ~ 3

why don't you buy company? you can

do you really like being totally alone?
i don't understand how you can survive this way..
more importantly, for how long is this gonna keep you alive?
haven't you thought of the future?
you have a long life, i am sure!
you're weird.
i have never seen anyone soul so complacent.
why don't you go out, heaven's sake?
give yourself a break girl
wear some color, you look dead. yeah, dead
you love walking alone, don't you?
legs don't ache, do they? feel for your legs, stupid woman!
wake up..ask yourself
talk to yourself, open up
ask questions,
why~nots are more important than whys
smile, come alive..
you have a tongue, dontch yu?

Dini? Dini? Are ye listening?

Staring at the horizon wouldn't buy you chocolate fantasy..!

Dini: Even this earth, as black and as dead meets a sky, so blue and so unlike her. They make the horizon. Dini is staring at it & probably making a silent wish which she would never confess to herself..

& i wish the picture could say it all...


A said...

black and blues.... hmm.

Tapas said...

That was SCARY!
But Best of Luck for your Wish!

Mansi said...

Wish dini could feel all d colours in hr lyf again :-)

arvind said...

woes on a simple heart..


$uch! said...

Dont worry :)

Anonymous said...

But then what fun is a company brought for the sake of just getting some company?

~ Lucky

SammY said...

Is the picture related wit the post?? i din get it,.. n nice post,.. the Horizon part s gudd!!!!!!!!

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

ahh.... I wish someone would say that to me. :-)


Lehari. said...

being alone is not that weird..plus sumtimes its gives immense pleasure..
"making a silent wish which she would never confess to herself.. "- lovely line.

Boobesh said...

"i have never seen anyone soul so complacent."
Isn't it a bliss to be something like this...

Jitika Jain said...

<3...i hope that says it all..
n ofcourse "gud luck dini"

aria said...

Dont know about Dini but as per me.. blacks and blues have hues that other colors don't ..
however my best wishes to her for realizing whatever chocolate fantasy the horizon evokes ..

impuregod said...

numbness perfectly defined... loved the phrases... nice flow...

wildflower said...

@ A
hmm..color of some sort

@ Tapas
thankyou :)

@ Mansi
even i want her too..but it looks like a costly proposition right now..

@ arvind

@ S

@ Lucky
i know..we're all looking for worthwhile company :P

@ Sam
it's kinda..my new life reflects in that pic..weirdly!

@ Raaji
i wish that too .. we all write abt our yearnings, so did i

@ Lehari
thanx :)

@ Boobesh
may be/may be not!