She: I'm reading a book these days. It's called Committed.
He: So you're done with all that Nicholas Sparks stuff?
She: Nope, I kinda paused that book to read this new one
He: So what is this Committed thing about?
She: What is it about? ..(Laughs)
He: What's funny?
She: No, nothing is funny, but the fact that the book, is about us.
He: You tipped the guy to write one on us eh?
She: It's a she, actually
He: ..and the name doesn't at all sound like all the darn feminist stuff u're so into sometimes..
She: It's about two people who are in love a lot but have decided not to ever get married

And I don't anymore feel like completing this..


The Rain Crab said...

Very bold decision! All the best for the "She" and "He" ;)

Mansi said...

these words says it need of completing it either....
She has a pain behind her laugh!!!!

$uch! said...

plssssss complete :P

RepublicOfChic said...

I'm glad some of us can own up to decisions like these :)

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

Sigh. I'd like to read that book.

I used to be in Nicholas Sparks a lot and then I gave up on it, as I am sure you would know why :-)

wildflower said...

@ Rain
bold? may be..sumtyms u need to have a lot of courage to face ur own self!

@ Mansi
:) yeah!

@ S
He & She were sitting on a bench, beside..the sea..Carter Road, Mumbai..;) probably

@ Chic
yea, courage comes into play again :D

@ Raaji
i do. i dunno y xactly d reverse happened to me, i quit readin such books sumtym b4 but cudnt do that 4 long..

The Rain Crab said...

@Wildflower: Yes indeed bold!!! A couple deciding not to get married in a country like ours is certainly bold! :)

Mayz said...

good to kno u got a new book...d last one was a lil too uhmmm...well u know :)

sonik said...

Its a story about mine "us" too :)

wildflower said...

@ Rain
hmm..they choose nt to get married because of what they as persons's so impossible u knw to give urself away to a commitment like that..

@ Mayank
how do yu knw my last book?

@ sonik
if i am gettn wot u meant, then.. :)

arvind said...

ho my god..

aria said...

do they decide that they wont get married to each other (but someone else who is errr .. compatible).. or that they wont get married at all ?
just inquisitive.. you need not answer if thats too prodding.

The Rain Crab said...

@WF: I totally agree!!!

wildflower said...

@ aria
compatibility is a euphemism for all the bad thins that come with love..but i think it can be worked out..m nt sure..

they wudnt get married at all..if not to each other..

@ rain

Anonymous said...

@Mansi... U need to try ur hand at HR/OB/Psycho courses :) :)

@RepublicOfChic... Worst possible decisions these r.. No need of courage.. It just needs Unethical / Immoral behaviour

wildflower said...

So you don't read the post anymore? You comment on the comments ahan! How innovative is that..!!