yasp 7 (?)

no matter what, it's never enough
it's weird, how it never ceases to irk me
it has to exist at the back of my mind
the drop of tear, waiting in the corner of the eye
is a perennial thing in my life
it just doesn't want to go
i wonder where it gets all that attitude to hang on!

my vulnerability always traces its way back to me
no matter how much i pretend that I wont fall
it always wins, and i am the invariable loser
i try to give a good fight
i don't give up breathing until i am nose deepin water
but somehow, it just doesn't work out for me

it's weird, no matter how far you go
life always comes a full cirlce
no matter what heights you aspire for
you always crash on ground zero


Vinz said...

always unanswered..!!

Mayz said...

coz u let urself...

arvind said...


as it is stared from the ground itself..

don't fight - just submit urself..
it atleast avoid - hurts..

u r always vulnerable - to pen down ur emotions..

as u r the beautiful "flow"er - in ur words..

wildflower said...

@ Vinz
atleast unanswered questions add some meaning to life..

@ Mayank
cant be anyone but me

@ arvind

aria said...

I often ask this 'why' but the question echoes back ..

wildflower said...

but aria..we can never stop askin..can we..that's wht keeps us going.