Mystery Shopping!

I have done a lot of shopping all my life. That's like part of living a woman's life. In the last few years shopping has appeared difficult for me because sometimes I have looked at it like some kind of a job I have to do. You know if it were my job to blog, i would have invariably hated it. I invariably hate work of any species! But anyway, I was talking about shopping. So yeah, like shopping for formals could never have been more boring that what it is for me. All the shirts I see look the same, feel the same. It's like looking at all the guys I have fallen for, all in a row, in retrospect. I keep wondering why I liked them so much. And so I can't like the shirts either. And return home empty handed. Most of the times, my dad does the shopping for me in this case. And shoes, I remember once I went out to buy shoes for myself. I came back after eating pani puri because it got so exhaustive you know, walking into one shop after another, being repelled by price tags, or by the sheer appearance of the shoe. Would rather go barefeet than see myself in those!

I moved on to window shopping for sometime. I do a lot of window shopping for books, if you can call it that. I stand in the store, or sometimes sit and start reading the book and read as much as I can. Many a times I have read the back cover of the book, ( what do you call it?) and have bought the book only to feel superditched by the author later. But that's another story, books that have had infinitely boring first pages are the ones I will love all my life. And clothes of course, halterneck & off shoulder material are to be tried in the mall itself & never bought for sake of the wellness of the male population around. And obviously trinkets and antiques make excellent window shopping material.

But Mystery Shopping! Yeah thats what I am into lately, kinda unbelievable..but..I am holding on to incredibility for a while :)


Mayz said...

waz d mystery behind this mystery??

arvind said...

me gone for the book shop: "is there the book of "wild flower"?"
"ho! its stock out.."

$uch! said...

halterneck & off shoulder material are to be tried in the mall itself :P

The Rain Crab said...

ha ha.. i love window shopping too!!!
guess i need to hit the street soon... shoppin was long forgotten by me.. thanks for reminding ;)

wildflower said...

@ Mayank
I'll tell yu ;)

@ Arvind
thanx! & yu get an autographed copy of my first book for free :P

@ S
yeah yeah!! we shud do that more often, shudnt we :D

@ Rain
always a pleasure :)

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

Books are the only things I window shop :-). They fascinate me :-)

Ankit said...

do u by any chance go to COSMOS for ur book window shopping ??

sonik said...

Agree with you about the shirts, the shoes, the halternecks and the antiques :)

aria said...

"You know if it were my job to blog, i would have invariably hated it."

heh. so true. all works are boring..
mystery shopping hmm..

wildflower said...

@ Raaji
yup..books make the better part of life..

@ Ankit
nope, not yet..lucky them :P

@ sonik
haha.. :D great to hear that

@ aria
yeah, but we need to work so that our hobbies can afford to survive :)

N!V said...

Could relate a lot.. I too have somehow lost the zeal to shop.. :/