baby steps to insanity

to look at the moon 
on full-moon nights
to feel the dark
on no-moon ones
we used to go to a place

in the shade of pines

do you?

birds flew past
they recognized us
the air had unknown smells

under the stars
we used to sit
and tease and talk

do you?

now they're craning that earth out
and making a building there
in our place
where we'll never be
ever again

those smells
are now lost love,
lost love
there isn't dark 
no pines
the moon's gone too

and so are we

that place has forgotten us
just like
you've forgotten me
darlin darlin

everything's over 
now it's no more us
just me
only me
until i can't
hold my breath
sans you

i see that building come up
i try to thrust this belief into me
that you're no more
but can't

no verse
can even begin to convey,
to say
how much 
i miss you
and want you

so much so
that i would rush back in time
to then
just hold on to you
darlin darlin



Surya Prakash V said...


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

I hope he's reading, if he ever existed.

Blasphemous Aesthete

The Sage said...

a building is a nice edifice to be placed as a homage to a beautiful relationship...

WomanInLove said...

Maybe the building came up cos he was not meant to be?

wildflower said...


I do not take sarcasm as well.

No, it isn't.

why couldn't he be, he's the only thing I am asking for!

aria said...

I love the way 'darlin darlin' rings.. endearing yet melancholic..

WomanInLove said...

I dont know why...but wanting anyone so much makes having him unworthy of it...

arvind said...

everything's over
now it's no more us
just me
only me

but, is it that original you..
this you is of some depth..
so depth - you..
storing him at the edge of that depth..

its a beauty..

arvind said...

nice deep look..

wildflower said...

I like it too, thanks

People in love, make a mountain out of a molehill

thanks! everyone else hated it :|

Killer Drama said...


and i love your new profile picture here !

Unknown said...

Pain is Drug hardest to give up, if not for those sojourns into the pines, how will I have known the bird sings too.

Get some Dynamites and Detonate the building ... Black is the color of the Smoke ... Black is the color of the Rose ...

wildflower said...

:) It goes well with this template i guess :D

Black is the color of the Rose ...ohoh

Amrita Sabat said...

wow darlin' darlin'!! Anoder of ur amazing wrks....& by d way...i m nt bein sarcastic here.....m only innocently hoping.....dat i hope he actually existed...? did he? only a figment of imagination cannot be so true...or can it?!

wildflower said...

He did. Does.

Amrita Sabat said...

dat IS one heck of a lucky guy. u mst owe ur blog 2 him- who stirs up such storms in ur being- which touch/shake/throttle/tear us all & go....wid ur every oder writing....

& i pity him. IF he doesn't kno the intensity of emotion he has been able to stir up - in a bold wildflower- a beautiful Oona.

new posts on mine too! waitin fr ur privileged first impressions! :D