For the umpteenth time Oona stared out of the window. Quintessentially lost. The remaining part of the night looked like a quagmire she wished not to untangle. Twirls of smoke hung in the air, between patches of darkness and smoke, the mirror wouldn't recognize her. She blew on the window pane, wrote random letters. Random letters.

She loved not a vampire. Oona loved a man, almost fatally. The night echoed with pangs of this furious love. She battled brutal truths, till her last breath. Hung to hope, and then killed it herself. Trapped herself in the vicious cycle of loving and hating the same man. Oona loved a man, who couldn't love her back. That was the caveat. Caveat.

As the night deepened, all she did was wait. Nothing but wait. Wait has a venomous bite. It's a slow poison for the spirit. Every minute that passed by, killed Oona a li'l more than the last. Fatal love takes a toll. Unrequited love. Unrequited.

The man, he has long fingers. She knew by heart the shape of his nails, when he did away with stray strands of hair from her face before a kiss. He had an aroma that sat between her nostrils, it never left her alone. Never.

Her eyes began to burn, sleepless and loveless. Buried in smoke, it wasn't her in the mirror anymore. Cold and numb, she pushed the windows open. There wasn't a storm outside. All her thoughts paused at the very thought of the man. He was etched deep within her, she fed him her sorrow and made sure he lived there.

Yet, not much of the night had passed. Has passed.


$uch! said...


Zave said...

Seemed like you had possessed Oona for a brief moment.
Otherwise, how on earth could you be so brutally close to her feelings (I am assuming she is thinking the exact same things, as if she can't think otherwise)?

Anonymous said...

the best one so far ...

Surya Prakash V said...

I decide not to like this post.

More so because the fool outside the window is hoping some woman would love her like Oona.

Everything Magical, hides the trick, and beholds the fool. Fool.

The Sage said...

Oona is stupid... and impractical.. and very very real!!!

Anonymous said...

OOna is the one present in all of us .. the stupid part of us .. which simply refuses to let go in hope of some thing that the heart desires .. what pains are the desires that cling to the heart like a crab at night ..

The crab that makes the heart cry out in pain and brain cry out in search of sleep ..

Beautifully written Eva

Soumya said...

I am Oona too :)

Rajita said...

And just why doesnt he love someone like Oona?

aria said...

Loved the name Oona..
and the last line.. wow

wildflower said...

U know!!

She can't think otherwise. The man is at the back of her mind!

How many have you read!? 452!

Oona doesn't want magic. Let her be!

Thanks for the last adjective, the others are truer though!

wildflower said...

Assuming you're distinct from the previous, but crab?! :O And Don't call me Eva, you're giving me ideas about who you are!

Ain't I too! :)

He doesn't know that there is a pathetic woman macerating in his memory!

Oona means lacuna..the weak point, at least in my mother tongue that's what it means! And the last line.. I don't know if I should thank you for understanding it. That was where I had stuffed a secret message, only for those who could understand it. Love you Aria.

Surya Prakash V said...

There is absolutely no magic. Only a promise of it. Always just that, and the fool inside suspends belief, for sometime anyway.

Yes, let's let her be.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

when there is wait, time never rushes... and we just wished it flew away.

Anonymous said...

i hav read all your posts...some once,twice,some XXX times .
btw,not to confuse...i am the old anonymous :-)

Mansi said...

I am so so addicted of your blog that I cant miss a single post of it....even if I wish to...This is the second time in my life something or someone had made me so vulnerable....

wildflower said...

Thanks :) I am beginning to love the depth of thy comments!

that's right! There was a time when Oona thought he would love her back, and that time rushed past!

Without any intention to boast, I have to confess that I have a crowded history of Anonymous admirers on this blog. One problem in my life is that there are too many people in it and I do not enjoy it anymore. So, let's have a secret code you write down everytime so that I can spot it's you. The good Anonymous!

About making you vulnerable, I am sorry. One should be anything but vulnerable. Be bold, indifferent, rude, rash, whatever. And you are addicted because you can draw parallels between this and your own life. I feel for you Mansi because I know what I am going through and you're going through something similar

Jeweliot said...

i love the way you write :)

Anonymous said...

Nice story, DNM.. But is it fiction or fact?

wildflower said...

thanks Jewel ! :)

& Anonymous..
What do u think! It doesn't true at all, does it?!

Anonymous said...

Dude ur the best, U hav dis crazy talent of givin sadness a beautiful touch wit ur words,. I hav always seen the most of OONA in this person u write abt :), she has been in a permanent state of hangover,.but that's wat makes dis person special, I wonder wat this person would be like SANS her OONA :) n btw talkin abt anonymous, I used to be one but now stil a FAN wit a name \m/ n U Kno Me :)

wildflower said...

And I should learn to respect anonymity. As I yearn to dwell in it, now more than ever!

arvind said...

waiting is slow poison to the soul..

how sweet!!!!!!!

interesting (short) story..in ur own style.. each para is ending with the last ward of that previous sentence.. a nice try..

Amrita Sabat said...

oh my God. can i ever stop 'wow'ing for ur posts! This is crazily good. Crazily. :)