Asked to recollect all achievement since my inception, I fell prey to a marathon quagmire. After a few hours of rudimentary analysis, the plummeting trends were clearly visible. If clearly you perceive as an exaggeration, then faintly be it. Faint, but saddeningly understandable trends. Extrapolatable, hence saddening. I explored and found my reason for the same.

Brutal honesty being my synonym, I would tell you the truth.

I was born ambitious. Love spoiled me. In the quest for a complement, I shed me. Shed it gradually, painfully-gradually. Turned into a pessimist from an otherwise. Lost hope. Imbibed sarcasm. Couldn't be a believer anymore. Couldn't afford it. Shrunk into myself. Abandoned faith. Spat at conventions. Began a journey. Some journey.

Love spoiled me. Killed me. Taught me to live after death.

Marooned me in hell. Made me someone I a'int. Forced me to begin this journey. Some journey

rasiyaa aaja
haule haule ras barsajaa
hoton ko, mehkajaa
rasiyaa aaja


Surya Prakash V said...

hmmmmm. Love, Bah! All people want is more, sometime in between I figured that manipulation is the essence of all love and emotions. Honest people stand no chance, defenceless.

Its a loooong pause. Wonder when it rolls again.

Beautiful eyes.

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Life just keeps rollings, as the people just come and go...
I've heard this laugh is over rated, but I hope that it gets better as we go

In this quest of finding a complement,
you grew inwards, I chose to stay.

Love spoiled me? no, before it did, I ran away.

Blasphemous Aesthete

The Sage said...

i just read on another blog, a few min back, that love is like quantum physics!!
i dunno why so much hype about it!!!

Surya Prakash V said...


love, sex, hate, god - all just same. I perpetually collapse my self in my quest for ignorance. It's odd but ignorance cannot be experienced at all.

What is, is. What isn't can only be made up from what is. Like chance. Call it a hype, but there is no escape. If I move even an inch in emotion it hurts! But inertia is all I have!

Boobesh said...

@Surya Prakash V :)
@wildflower :(

Dutta said...

First They throw their loved ones out, then they throw their Ego out and at the end when after even throwing out their beliefs the Boat keeps sinking they throw themselves out ... and all for the Boat named Love ... Or was it actually Love ?!!

Love can never ruins ... if it ruins it was not love ...

Killer Drama said...

love that song

wildflower said...

I know, thanks! Dark & mysterious ;)


Send me that link, would you


thinking such, is healthy

:) U got me!!

D2 said...

Bad love spoils. Good love shows ways.

wildflower said...

Hello Optimist!

Surya Prakash V said...

Honest and Questioning - you look straight into the eye of the storm dont you?

wildflower said...

I love to.. I try to be focussed at least when I am focussed :P

Amrita Sabat said...

woow! wat a refreshin change 2 read or blog aftr sooo looong!! hw can this one elusive topic keep u so engrossed all the tym?!! :P as usual....a masterpiece!