Sometimes, there's no one.

Sometimes, there's no one. The tunnel ends in darkness. Sometimes there is no soothing whisper. And the abyss is endless. But we were shamelessly brought up on the idea of a happy ending and a happier beginning after that. No wonder I have been perpetually obsessed with this course of things. Irrespective of how much cynicism we fake, we cannot accept with humility that life could very much end in an apocalypse. Such is the power of prejudice. It will break our bones to bend over a little and accept that the destination could be as disappointing as the journey has been. At the end we believe there shall be sunshine, and that our qualities will be recognized for what they're worth.

No, there's nothing wrong with tonite that is making me write such pessimistic stuff. It's just about fine. But I am tired of my inability to accept the mere possibility of a massive failure of the entity I have been calling hope all my life. Vague optimism has been wired such into my system. It's pathetic, our obstinacy with the illusion that our world is ideal. We wake up every morning to realise that it's not, but somehow sing ourselves to sleep with the same lullaby every night that it's all going to end up just fine. That it will work out okay.

It doesn't. Sometimes, there's no one. Some lives are an endless abyss, no matter how much you fall, you can never hit absolute rock bottom. I must learn to live by it, this is my real world. Amen!  


Lily said...

The simple and depressing truth, even though I hate thinking of life that way. :/

Rajita said...

I dont think there is ever a happy ending to anything.
There are just these small endings to everything which can happy/sad.

Sometimes I wonder if I know what that term happy ending means to me..maybe its now..maybe its never.

$uch! said...

Bitter Truth

$uch! said...

and m tired too

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Get a parachute, because no matter how deep you fall and whether there is someone to catch you down there or not, it's going to be a rough ride.
Nothings wrong, life sucks most of the time, out of us. There are only a few pockets of liveliness.

Blasphemous Aesthete

wildflower said...

I tried hating, shirking too..but it keeps coming back to me :|

I like that point of view. There is no end until the end.

I am trying to gulp it down in one go!

Life's a bitch, but that's okay! But I want no parachute, at least for now let me sink, let it sink in.