The Better Picture

You can hold her narrow waist in your hands, almost. Her hair is bunched together and rests on one shoulder. The phone is on the other ear. She stands still, holding the curtains in her elbow, standing at the edge of the window, looking away.

It's a summer afternoon. Typically hot, but there's mild wind too. Oozing in from between the railings of the window, blowing through strands of her hair, disturbing it a trifle. She's unperturbed, still. Talking to someone, either very softly in whispers or listening to his silence.

There's a ceramic vase in the room, with purple paper flowers in it, kept on the other edge of the window. The flowers exude a smile, a faint smile like a human would sometimes do, when mildly satisfied or just shy. There are streaks of random colors painted on the vase, you can't make out from this distance.

Her skirt ends below her knees, her top has short sleeves. Outside, the sky is gradually turning into many hues of orange. You can see the city skyline, birds flying home. You can hear honks of cars pass by, pause to give out gusts of black soot.

There's a wind-chime hanging from the pelmet of the window. Everytime she digs her face into the curtains blushing or laughing, the wind-chime rings, mellow random rings, sonorous, pleasant. Only to remind you that things in the world can still move, time hasn't frozen as yet.

Can you draw me a picture of this? Can you include the sounds I mentioned, the honks, the rings, in your colors on a canvas. Will you paint me the sky outside that is the melange of an extended infinity. Can you also show the strands of her hair falling off her shoulder. Won't you include her blush, even if we can't see her face? The subtle quiet smile that has settled on her face, that's paint-able too, isn't it? And don't leave the flowers alone..the purple paper flowers that smile so human..


Soumya said...

Beautiful description Wild!

Felt every word..

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Yes, yes I can... and it is strange that I am still apprehensive about what to infer, because I find a cliche here. But that is all up to you, for now, I just want to sit back and enjoy the view, the blushes in the plush curtains. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete

Wild Strawberry! said...

This is such a lovely post

$uch! said...


wildflower said...

Thanks Soumya! :)

Cliche' eh? I have been writing for so long, even the novel seems cliched Blasphemous Aesthete.

And we're vaguely similar, I love that Wild Strawberry! :D

$uch! $uch!