One time, he talked about how he saw himself as a father in the future. When a man is up to such talk, you know he's up to something, he couldn't be serious. But you couldn't say he was lying or anything. You just couldn't. I looked away, embarrassed.

Another time, he told me he liked simple women. Like the Gayatri Joshi in Swades. Mentally I dug out all those buried salwar kameezes in my wardrobe. Even fancied long tresses that reach the waist, wondering if they would sync with the attire.

Sometimes, he told me, 'See you're a nice girl.'

Again, he told me of the places he was yet to take me to. I had them all pictured, neat and clean in my mind. I would close my eyes and see us, in the future. Happy and full of promise.

I saw our feet kiss silken sands, hair blow against sea winds. I saw us take long strolls by the waves. I heard us talk, the way we talked then. Like p&q, always looking into each other, and conversing. Lost, yet there.

So much for meaningless talk, so much for broken promises! Into long nights. So much for the hint of a dream of a life, I wished to see together with him.

Now, days whiz past, shortening life by the moment, chances of meeting him again heartbreakingly plummeting as I write. No body cares. He doesn't recognize me. And I cannot recognize him. A part of life stands, undone.


................your's entirely said...

Hmm.....Why do dreams and life be mutually exclusive always ?

Rajita said...

Nice read. A part of life will always stand undone, and more beautiful than any other beauty in our life.

Drama Personified (R) said...

Awww hun a big hug first of all. There's a reason why they say never change for a guy. It'd heartbreaking cuz of the "hints" they give and the way they stop respecting you for chnaging your individuality. Okay, I maybe talking nonsense here. And I hope it's nonsense and things will be okay...

Drama Personified (R) said...
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Richa said...

Beautiful read. I so hope it was fiction.

$uch! said...


Blasphemous Aesthete said...


Could you just rewind and go back to the start?

Blasphemous Aesthete

wildflower said...

..your's entirely
It's a ruthless curse, to ensure that we keep dreaming, and begging!

Yeah, the fact that it never happens, makes it even more beautiful!!

Makes all the sense to me! But I have given up on the hope of 'okay', feels like an illusion.

wildflower said...

Very sweet of you, to hope so.. :)

But what can we do! :)

I couldn't. I couldn't. I couldn't.

nOt anyone you know said...

*No body cares. He doesn't recognize me. And I cannot recognize him. A part of life stands, undone.*

like looking into the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Wildflower!!
Where hast thou Wildness gone??!
"What private griefs she has, alas, I know not."

wildflower said...

Yeah, similar stories. Let me know if you find light at the end of this tunnel.