destroyed in love...

tere dil main mere sanso ko panah mil jaye
tere ishq meri jaan fanaa hojaye…..

i think the time is ripe for a review,i went to a theatre after more than a year.. the movie was worth watching in a hall..that’s all I can say….well, none of the films are actually worth the hype that make the market tremble from much before their advent..but I donot regret having dragged the whole lot of six people in the dead of the night …I saw people like me..strict movie buffs…young guys..bloody guys…always ready to shoot out their comments, their quiver never seems to empty.well I happen to like it when such things are done on people who deserve that kind of behaviour ie people who are actually borinng I despise it with all the venom when it is done on women;if it is a sensuous scene at all all I expect people to do is to keep their filthy tounges from whistling…n shut your divine eyes if at all it is that unbearable….but donot make it a travesty…for the sake of the hoi polloi….we still exist….

And yes about the film…kajol had never ever looked so intoxicating…I being a woman give this my stamp without the slightest of green feeling …well she is so enchanting in the first half an hour that no one else on earth has the precision to say that the make up people could have in any ways made her more enchanting…she looks her ever best…for that matter any woman’s best….

amir has those marks of age distinctive on his face now…particularly in the first part….may be he got a face lift in the second part,he manages to have that “I am younger than you think I am” kinda look…and may be I am just used to his acting skills that I can do nothing more than taking it all for granted …I know that is like not giving someone credit for what he is ….but can’t help ….i just cant manage to eulogise the actor for his excellence which according to many others is extinct today….

The story is good…the script must have been better…its fresh…very new….not a bit of plagiarism in it….

But the news for the time is that the film lacks something…somewhere something very vital has been left behind which could have made me kinda satisfied after I saw the whole thing….and the bigger news is that I am gradully turning out to be a very efficient film critic(because I happen to like none of the films these days…absolutely none) here is another way to earn the fast bucks …lol…

Good night!!!!