My Tryst With Sai....

It was a sultry Sunday afternoon. I had been home for over a month now…and had done nothing except
for brooding and devouring a good number of books,my brother had stolen my diary and was threatening
to show it to dad unless I did his school project to add my pile of worries….so I was kinda dragging my life
along.i simply blurt out to papa,”why not let’s go out somewhere today?” who just seemed up from somet-
hing he called a “short” afternoon nap.”Where?”.Well, I think I am better off explaining it to the people w-
ho are going through my blog that my dad supposes that I m still a kid and replies affirmative to every proposal
I give and I assume every yes of his as a big NO!!! I had to name a place,and I heard myself saying”the Sai temple
there”.i was sure I will be able to pull him to the shopping mall after that….

Now I said so without slightest intention with which people visit temples…my cousin and his wife were regular
people there and I remember him having said that the place was in the outskirts of the city and he had discovered
peace there(I should mention it that he is the most unpeaceful of people around ,always messing up with
the simplest things in life…) I concluded that it was worth a visit for the peace factor and would help me do away
with my brooding,atleast..though I was never an ardent devotee of Sai Baba(with honest apologies to all the believers around)….almost half of my maternal side was brimming with the stories of his miracles…and as such I had
no problems with Him as I was well aware that He did good to people…

So we all got ready and dad drove us away ,away from the milling crowd,into the tranquil moonlit dusk
that shrouded the city….the best I had seen for days….the air was cool as it is often with the advent of the
monsoon….and finally we were there…should I mention that my dear bhai was again reluctant to budge
as that meant untying the lace of his shoes and stuff….

The place had an idiosyncratic smell of its own..that of bibhuti(holy ash)….the temple was like any of the modern
day ones….floored with mirror like marble….clean without a blemish…and I got the first signs of the peace which my
cousin had talked about.

I entered.Alas!!! I was taken aback…in front of me sat the image of Shirdi Sai ….and I had expected Satya Sai(the former
being the ealier incarnation)….the image sat with a well defined calm,tranquil as it was…my dad discovered
that it was made with a absolute precision

I sat cross legged….and felt like talking to Baba…the common characteristic I look out for in a good friend
and my God is that both have to be patient listeners??hai naa??what say??

So I began talking,my lips wide shut and my senses immune to things going on in my vicinity…I dumped
all my woes ,my fears,my pain to this new found friend of mine….i cun’t feel time slipping away ….
My mum had to shake me outta something people call trance…

And I surprised myself twice…first when I found my eyes wet,and second when I din’t want to leave…
Let all the shopping go to hell….

So that was my tryst with Sai…and believe me people ,I am a believer now…an ardent one that too…


Jay Roy said...

The honest account of your tryst with Sai has invoked in me, an earnest feeling to visit that place. You spoke you heart.

sandhyatara said...

If u have felt like what u spoke then thats really an amazing feeling and a devine one.

But I must say that those kine of feeling are not happen to particular peoples from a particular incranations (or those whome we people believe as as avatars or God).

So I am really confused why and how different peoples get same feelings from different avatars !!

As u got the feelings with Sai Bhagawan.
Some got same kind of feelings from let say Sri Maa or Anukul Chandra, or Gayatri Maata or Prajapataye Brhma kumar.

So i am really confused is that just a feeling which happen to us at some suitable circumstances or thats a power from a God or an indication for us.....

Anonymous said...

xcellent job durgi.....all the stuff is simply bole to jhakas...but the one which i liked the most was the straight frm hrt is really gud n 100%true 4 me too...carry on with this blog dear...its really gr8...

Anonymous said...

guess who send u the above comment....4 correct guess u will get a..........keep guessing...

wildflower said...

sorry dear anonymous,cunt get who u are,from nxt tym on be kind enuf to leave ur identity behind,i l be happier;n of cors thanx for all da appreciation.

wildflower said...

well,i hav a few names in mind,but would choose not to reveal dem in

Krish Sripada said...

Loved it. As someone who studied at Puttaparthi, this blog gives me a strange pleasure.(If I followed the drift, you were referring to Shirdi Sai, the former incarnation as you mentioned, one and the same nevertheless)