straight from heart...

The worst part of being at NIT rkl(I hope at least a few of u guyz know where on earth NIT rkl is)is the ignominy(I am afraid if I should use that word ,but I am trying to add da boldness factor
to my blogs so that my entries are more of the ME I talk about)of not being in an IIT(read Institue of Infinite Tension).My dear dad still regrets for me not having succumbed to the charms of IIT-JEE and dropped a year at say FIITJEE (read FORGET IITJEE)or the like.And the second worst thing is hoi polloi saying that “We have an NIIT here also in Bhubaneswar(thatz my hometown),what made you go to Rourkela ??”And I have given up explaining that NIT isn’t the NIIT they are talking about.The third pehlu is the LH(ladiez hostel) mess,I warn you the food is so damn tasty that you might chew your fingers up.Everything else about being at NIT rkl is just fine,well, u will know better in the following paras….

The whole of my first semester was eaten up by what the bandiyan out here call BCT(read branch change tension),but I don’t deny I enjoyed all the induction programs for the freshers trying to learn uire maire maire maire alisa baba ho…(the non-official NITR slogan).And of cors I loved the NIT lingo-condensing almost anything those people could lay their hands on—supre for superintendent,repre—for representative,to state the rudimentary onez.I went home for DP(read Durga Pooja),and got pampered for the first and last time by mum,came back dying to go back in Dec.

I saw “colors” , in the second sem ::“the true onez that had kept me waiting for long”.In the Spring and Tek fests I had a real blast.There were moments when I wanted to call mum up and say that “I am relly relly happy,she neen’tworry.”And I meant those words ,seriosly.

Midsems were written with virtual one night stands with my roomie’s notes(shez famous for her sincerety man,wot a gurl!!!).And the started something that I honestly feel now shouldn’t have
started, I was introduced to the WWW(world wide web—read wicked wicked wicked).I still cannot remember who the culprit was who opened my orkut acct—I can’t pardon her.I (and my roomie—epitome of honesty,sincerety and all da good things on earth)became absolute chat addicts(I hav’t recovered yet!!!).But I wont lie you,those days were the happiest in my lyf spanning 18 long years.I couldn’t digest it when I found myself squeezing out time to wind up my assignments(ie xerox my roomie’s in2 mine).All my friendz would blurt out “tu net kar rahi hai?? wot a surprise yaar!”

And of course there were Prof DG Sahoo-hez a joke personified, all you guyz should go to this guyfrom the maths dept. for english tuitions(specially pronunciation) people do what not with this kind gentleman—open fake ids ,orkut accnts etc etc;and along with him the mecahnics teacher—his yellowed notes and antique style of teaching taught me to sleep with eyes wide open,more than the mechanics he taught.

And finally when we got our summer hols,may be my eagerness for home had mellowed,I wanted lyf to remain as it was –kewl and free…

These two and a half months are stretching a bit too long,and I am dying to get back to axon at dear NIT rkl…