letter of love...

Dear Moon,
U r no uncle to me, u r a friend, (a distant one though,still)a close one.I dunno
if u r a man or a woman and I will never try to find that out.

U have existed for me since the day I began calling myself an adolescent.As a mute witness, you know all about my wishful thinking, my joys,my tears,my endless efforts to be my own friend.Gazing at me from behind the coconut,u have infered every word of what I hava scribbled on the leaves of my diary,ransacking this place for an identity;distraught-trying to step outta the shadow of ‘my folks’.All my romances have begun and ended with u ,dahling!

I donot remember how old was I when I got up,in the dead of a full moon-night.to discover all your light filtering through the rusty iron railing and overflowing outta my bed.I can’t forget that oment till I die.That gesture of yours cemented our relationship.

Moon ,u have never solved my problems.Ah!-but there is no denying that u have consoled me,wiped out my tears for the time I spent beside u.U have been there when I needed a friend ,the most and that is why I love You….
(Dated for ever)


Amrita Sabat said...

wow! dis is a truly touching piece of writing.........it has touched my soul.

u've almost immortalised d relationship b/n moon & adolescent-upward-stages-of-life here. seriously.
beautiful writing & keep comin up wid more!

sandhyatara said...

This is really a marvelous piece of writing which shows ur authenticity and a genuine writing !!

Keep it up...
I have book marked urs blogspot so will come back time to time..
May god bless u !!

arvind said...

me read:

just wait for a moon..
just wait for her..
for the whole month..

when she come
just dress beautifully and
have a feel of
-meeting a lover..

spend a hour
silently with her..

(this will go on in that way..
but thought me one thing - waiting)

nice writing..