i shall be noone's love

i shall be noone’s love…
noone’s stealer of sleep…
noone’s object of desire…
noone’s goddess

for there are many loves,
but one heart,just one…
and it’s a real pain
to break apart

i shall seek no rescue,
no refuge from these
rains of life,no shoulders
to fall back on,no lover

for when my heart bleeded
i have not had him near
and he left for…
greener pastures

and so love is but
a difficult thing,
a burden….that my soul
can’t carry anymore

and so
i will rather be
my bundle of joy,
the lone traveller i am,

I shall be noone’s love


Amrita Sabat said...

heart-warming. u hav an elegant style.
i lik it.

keep it up!

sandhyatara said...

i liked the words but not agree with the feelings !!

It's a great debate or discussion topic which cant be shared here.

Still great thinking !

Njoy Life and keep writing and Rock !!

tragicvirtue said...

There is such loneliness in-between those lines.

Anonymous said...

you take my breath away every time lone-wolf.